10 must-have items in your house to make colder days much more enjoyable

10 must-have items in your house to make colder days much more enjoyable

As colder days are continuing, making your house even more cozy and warm can really cheer you up.

Here are 10 tips that can be easily implemented to make your house more enjoyable during the colder months.

Ready? Let’s go! 

1. A wake-up light alarm clock

Days are getting shorter by the minute and it’s getting harder and harder to wake up bright and early when the sun hasn’t risen yet. The wake-up light alarm clock shines its light to wake you up. A much more efficient, soft, and calmer way to wake up than having a loud buzz in your ear. Put your body under less stress and make it easier for you to feel like getting out of bed.

Here is a list of the best wake-up light alarm clocks available.

2. More blankets

Blankets are an essential item to make you feel cozy. We all love to snuggle into blankets and sometimes even miss that during hot summer months. So now is time to celebrate blanket seasons. 

Get yourself new fuzzy and soft ones that match the color of your interior or that add a splash of colors in a more neutral space. 

Think new blankets for your couch but also for your bed, for the corner chairs, and even for outside for dry colder nights.

3. Many pillows

Pillows also add layers, colors, texture, and comfort to any room. 

Don’t be shy with your pillows. Go bold with patterns and colors or choose a unique print that will pop out. Make sure to also select a fabric that doesn’t itch and is extra cozy. And add many of them!


4. A big area rug

Nothing less enjoyable than having cold feet in your own house. Adding a rug can make a huge difference without having to crank up the heater.


5. A shoe rack and slippers

Rain, mud, all the stuff you don’t want inside your cozy house. Take the habit to remove your shoes first thing when you come home. Leave them on a shoe rack and put on your favorite pair of slippers.

6. A few candles

Increase the coziness of the room by 10 times simply by lighting up a candle. Watching the flame will also make you feel a lot more relaxed especially on the colder, darker nights. 

Make an arrangement with candles of different sizes and shapes. Grab a book and your blanket and you are set up!


7. Warm smells

Use your candles or essential oil diffuser to invite warm smells. Your smell is an essential sense that has a big influence on how you feel. Choose essential oils like orange or cinnamon to feel the season.

8. Indoor winter plants

Nature might be turning brown outside, it doesn’t mean you can’t welcome greenery in your home. Choose plants that will live well indoors such as succulents, orchids, corn plants, or rubber trees.


9. Warm lamps

Good lighting is important for any room to feel more warm, cozy, and inviting. Choose lightbulbs of warm color temperatures that are more orange and yellow instead of the cooler ones that are closer to white. 

Adding a lampshade will also diffuse the light better and make it more smooth. 

10. An ottoman

Change your coffee table into an ottoman. Make it easy to put your feet up for the cold Netflix chill nights in. 


Are you ready to make the best out of the colder days ahead? Cozy up your space now. If you need any support to make sure your home is prepared for it, contact us today.