11 Luxurious Golden Paint Colors Designers Love

11 Luxurious Golden Paint Colors Designers Love

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Gold tones are often misconstrued as too gaudy or only meant for drawer pulls, but as we look toward rooms that offer a sense of comfort, gold can add depth and personality to a space while managing to act as a neutral paint color. Gold paint doesn't necessarily mean shiny and over-the-top; golden hues can run the gamut of rich camels, mineral ochres, bright yellows, and, of course, gilded sparkle.

In fact, many of the most memorable yellow rooms have walls painted a more golden than yellow hue, as rooms with gold paint colors tend to boast soft light and a sense of luxury. It can represent the slightest hint of soft afternoon sunsets, and as Jan Showers aptly describes, gold paints can "feel like you are wrapped in a vicuna coat." What's more luxurious than that?

We've asked designers to share their favorites shades of gold, and they enthusiastically agreed that golden hues are their secret weapons to make a space feel comfortably layered yet stately. We'd love to say gold is the new neutral trend, but truthfully, it never went out of style in the first place.

Mannered Gold by Sherwin Williams

"Sherwin Williams SW 6130 Mannered Gold used in combination with their Faux Impressions Metallic line is a clear winner in our book. The metallic coating is offered in smooth, brushed, and textured to meet your heart's desired aesthetic and texture. Going beyond just a yellow paint, the metallic finish creates an added shimmer, taking it from a standard wall color to a true gold."—Etch Design Group


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