15 Tips to Revamp Your Room From Dull to Dazzling

15 Tips to Revamp Your Room From Dull to Dazzling

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Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your house and the one you spend most of your time in. Even though few guests will step foot inside, it’s important to give your space a refresh to fit your style and become your personal getaway. So even if you live in Portland, New York, or anywhere in between, you’ll be able to escape the chaos of everyday life. This  doesn’t require a complete remodel. In fact, incorporating things like well-placed art, bold wallpaper, and your favorite materials and colors will do just the trick. Looking for some inspiration? We’ve gathered tips from experts on how to create the room of your dreams.

Enhance your space with personality

Be bold, be brave, and beautify your bedroom. Start by layering your bedding. A white base makes a room feel updated, clean, and elegant. Layer it with colorful or patterned accent pillows. Next, add a textural throw blanket for added coziness. Never overlook the ceiling – wallpaper, faux wood beams, or a stencil will draw your eyes up. Always add a rug for more color and warmth. It can have a geometric pattern for a bold statement, or be a shag rug for a touch of luxury. – Michelle Thomas Design

Consider a gallery wall for your bedroom as a fun way to bring personality and style to your space through photographs and art. The beauty of a gallery wall is that it can be whatever you want it to be, so consider what you love the most and how you can express that through your art and photo choices. It can be your family, your travels, your favorite place, really anything you dream up that you’d love to wake up to every day.  – Social Print Studio

Add eye-catching details

Don’t forget about lighting in the bedroom. Show-stopping chandeliers don’t just have to be for the living or dining room, create a moment with an unexpected piece in the bedroom. Continue to add to the mood of the room with directed sconces on either side of the bed making it easy for reading or setting a soothing tone before sleep. – Ashley Redmond Interiors

Styling with accessories helps to add the wow-factor to any room. By layering in pretty lamps, artwork, fresh flowers, decorative pillows, and throw blankets, your bedroom will look beautiful and complete. It’s the room we typically spend the most time in, so why not make it amazing? – Staci Edwards Design

The bedroom, whether it’s the master bedroom, kids bedroom, or the guest bedroom should radiate personality and life. Go bold by mixing color with texture in unexpected ways. Play with a bold paint color, fun wallpaper on the ceiling, or an accent paint color to the window trim or baseboards. For the final touch, add a fun flush mount fixture or jaw-dropping chandelier in the bedroom, it’s like the icing on the cake. –Design 4 Corners

Incorporate artwork into your bedroom

Refreshing your bedroom can be as easy as switching out the artwork in your space. Add new color, texture, and style to your room by hanging a unique, large-scale art piece or pair different pieces together to curate your own gallery-styled wall. For an even bolder transformation, cover one or all of your walls in a favorite print with wallcovering. – Third and Wall

Choose abstract art with tones and colors that suit your bedroom and boost your mood every time you look at it. Challenge yourself and experiment where the art piece looks best, maybe it’s over the bed or above your dresser. – Duealberi

Huge colorful wall art is the best attention grabber when it comes to showing off your style. Everyone needs a statement piece of wall art in their bedroom – BIG

Make a statement using your bedroom walls

Wallpaper has a unique ability to show the personality of the homeowner. If you are conservative, adventurous, light-hearted, moody, or glamorous, wallpaper is like a resume. It shows everything you’re all about in one quick view. After all, most people change out their wallpaper after 5 years, so you’ll be on to the next whim or trend by then. Decorate for your ideal home and stop worrying about the next homeowner, you are the one who lives here so pick what you like and trust that there is no wrong answer. – Relativity

If you are looking to give your bedroom a makeover, consider adding wallpaper to even just one wall. There are so many great peel and stick versions on the market right now, that allow anyone to do it themselves. Behind your bed is the best place as it is the focal point of the room. Bring in some new lamps on your nightstands as well. They can really elevate your bedroom. Lastly, don’t forget some art over the bed. A long piece or even a mini gallery will add interest. Voila! A whole new feel to a tired bedroom.
Heather Ryder Interior Design

An accent wall behind the bed will instantly elevate any bedroom. Colorful accent walls are trending, so stand out from the rest by focusing on texture instead with a geometric pattern made out of PVC trim. – Kriss Swint,
Managing Editor, LiveAbode

Make use of different materials
Try customizing everyday things in unexpected ways to turn your bedroom into a haven of bliss. For example, why not partner with a local artist to turn a piece of their artwork into a custom-colored wall mural behind the bed? You can even forgo the usual wood or metal side table and custom-wrap your nightstands in a fabric like a grasscloth. – Casabella Interiors

When you are looking to freshen up with your bedroom, ideally you want to curate items for the space that are a reflection of your self-expression. The key to a well-rounded look is sourcing products from different manufacturers. Let your bedroom tell a story through these items, bring in different materials, whether it be fabric, glass, metal, or wood. Lastly, if you do not have carpet in your bedroom, don’t forget the rug under the bed. Not only does it ground the furniture but also acts to absorb unwanted echoes in the space. – Allison Jaffe Interior Design

Jazz up your ceiling
Go bold with wall and ceiling details. Most makeovers tend to focus on furniture, but when you fall in love with an inspiration photo, it’s typically the subtle details that draw you in and you don’t even realize it. Consider
wallpaper, fabric, or wood paneling to create an accent wall, decorative wall sconces for accent lighting, a new fan or chandelier, and a fresh coat of paint. And don’t forget–wallpaper can go on the ceilings too. – Etch Design Group

Don’t forget about your ceiling! As we head into spring, a great way to update your bedroom is to look up. Adding unique wallpaper, hardwood planks, or an interesting paint color will instantly give your room a whole new look. You can also add a statement lighting piece by adding a unique chandelier over your bed or above a sitting area. This will elevate the space and draw your eye towards the new fixture. – Deborah Gordon Designs

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