35 Secrets Interior Designers Rely On To Make Homes Look Nicer & Feel Cozier

Originally Published by Elite Dailiy

While upgrading your home, there are so many ways to make an impact without undergoing a full renovation. Minor enhancements like lighting, throw blankets, and pillows can make all the difference in the world when it comes to revamping your living space. To gain more insight, Bustle asked interior designers what Amazon products they use to make homes feel nicer and cozier. Their answers prove that it really doesn't take much to give your home a quick upgrade.

Offering another bit of sage advice is Saul Cerni, an expert home decorator and founder of HomeISD.com. Cerni suggests introducing vintage-inspired pieces to the mix, saying, "Any decor item or a piece of furniture that looks vintage will make it instantly look nicer and cozier. The emphasis is that it only needs to look vintage and not necessarily be a real vintage item. Amazon has great products that fit the bill."

When chatting with the team at Etch Design Group, there was a lot of buzz about using poufs and ottomans as accent pieces — more specifically made of knit or leather — as a way to add a new element to your home space. Geometric bookends were also at the top of their list, as well as using soft and colorful throw pillows cases.

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