4 Beautiful Kitchen Countertop Ideas

4 Beautiful Kitchen Countertop Ideas

Contributed by Diandra Rowe


Kitchen countertops are a significant part of any kitchen and should be the most attractive part of the kitchen. A kitchen countertop holds most of the appliances in the kitchen such as the utensils, electrical appliances (microwave, blender, and sandwich maker among others), jars, and so many more.

Depending on the design of a kitchen, some kitchen countertops provide a place where family and friends can sit around and enjoy a hearty meal in the kitchen. The wrong kind of kitchen countertop can interrupt and disrupt the flow of kitchen chores, especially if the countertop is not durable or resistant to heat.

A fragile kitchen countertop will also require a lot of maintenance and repairs, which will add more costs to your budget. Below is a list of some of the best durable kitchen countertop ideas that you can consider:


If you want to go for a luxurious modern kitchen look, then a marble kitchen countertop will do the trick. Marble has always been a timeless interior décor material and it will make the kitchen very appealing and attractive.

The best reason why marble is a great option for your kitchen countertop is the fact that it is durable, strong, and resistant to scorches. With a marble counter, you will be free to practice or perfect your cooking skills on the beautiful counter.


Another ideal material for a kitchen countertop is granite. Did you know that granite is almost as hard as diamond? Its durability makes it a great kitchen countertop option for many homes. Granite does not require any sealing and it has an impressive resistance to heat and scratches.

If you want a countertop that will not incur any maintenance costs in the future, then granite is what you need. Apart from requiring no sealing, granite is non-porous, therefore free from developing any mold or mildew.


Are you after a vintage edgy look for your kitchen? Wood countertops are a great idea for kitchens. The kind of wood one selects will determine whether the kitchen looks like a butcher's block or a modern tasteful cozy kitchen.

The best kind of woods that we recommend for kitchen countertops include:

  • Mahogany
  • Cherry
  • Maple
  • Madrone

The above woods are great for making countertops because they are durable, strong, and can be refinished as many times as possible.


Soapstone countertops are mostly used in labs, but they would be a great addition to kitchens as countertops. Soapstone is a very durable material and it is impervious to chemicals, thereby making it a favorite for most scientists in the lab.

It will add a unique and unexpected look to your kitchen creating a richer darker appearance especially when sealed. Soapstone is resistant to heat, scorching, and any kind of staining, and it will give you an easy time in the kitchen.


The best kind of kitchen countertop is one that will suit all your needs in the kitchen and fit in with your style and taste. Pick the countertop that will require less maintenance and repairs in the future. You should also consider the countertop that is most affordable to you. Which kitchen countertop do you think will look great in your kitchen?

Diandra Rowe is a writer for Alex Capozzolo. Alex Capozzolo is a partner of Henry Buys Homes, a real estate company in Jacksonville, FL. He has been writing for the real estate industry for several years. Henry is a licensed agent that operates in the Florida market.