5 mistakes to avoid when designing a guest bedroom

5 mistakes to avoid when designing a guest bedroom

You have a spare bedroom or maybe your kids left the house and now it’s time to transform their room into a guest room. It’s such a nice feature to have in your home to welcome and invite friends and family to stay at your place.

But there are 5 mistakes you’ll want to avoid when designing your guest bedroom. Let’s look!

It doesn’t have to be impersonal

We often see guest bedrooms that are plain and impersonal. But it doesn’t have to be that way! On the opposite, let it be creative, warm, and welcoming!

You could even design your room with a specific theme in mind. Maybe based on a trip you’ve taken somewhere, or with a beach or mountain vibe, or a boho-chic look.

Your guests will feel like they are indulging in a whole different experience.

It’s more than just a place to sleep

Of course, your guest bedroom’s main function will be to provide a good night’s rest. But what about all the in-between moments? Imagine if your guests need a little privacy to get some work done for example or read at night, they will appreciate having that space for themselves. Think of adding a small desk or a reading chair if you have the room to do so.

When people have their own space, it makes the whole trip more enjoyable, for them and for you!

Don’t make it your additional storage room

When it comes to your guest bedroom, you will want to keep it as clutter-free as possible. Avoid putting all your extra stuff, such as your off-season clothes, in the guest bedroom closet. If you do need the extra storage, make sure to keep it as separate as possible and keep dedicated storage space for your guests.

This also isn’t the place to add all the extra decorations you have and you don’t know where to put them.

When in doubt, less is more!

This will help your guests to feel more at home and to enjoy their stay without feeling like they are invading your space.

Don’t neglect comfort

Even if the bedroom won’t be used 365 days a year, you don’t want to neglect quality and comfort.

Especially when it comes to the mattress, choose a good one that is supportive and comfortable. Imagine your guests waking up the next day with back pain. It won’t be fun for them and you’ll feel bad, too!

Get also a new set of bedding and towels dedicated for the guest bedroom that you’ll keep ready for when you have guests coming.

Don’t forget about the plants

Having some plants in your guest bedroom is great to make the room feel more welcoming and fresh. But make sure to know which kind of plants you are putting there. You don’t want plants that need a lot of care since you probably won’t be going to that room every day.

Spend a night in your guest room to get a feel!

Once your guest bedroom is ready, spend a night there yourself! That way you will see if something is missing or needs to be changed - a light peeking through the window treatment, a pillow that is missing, or a nightstand that is misplaced, etc.

If you are ready to create a cozy welcoming guest bedroom and you need help making it happen, contact us today!