5 quick tips to refresh your home when it doesn’t excite you anymore

5 quick tips to refresh your home when it doesn’t excite you anymore

There is nothing really wrong with your house. It doesn’t look bad, it isn’t damaged, the painting is still fine. But it just feels a bit blaaah. After spending so much time indoors, you are ready for something fresh. Yet, you don’t want to start big renovations. We have exactly what you need. Try one or multiple of these following tips and see how refreshing your home looks. 

  • Paint one wall

You don’t have to paint your entire living room or bedroom to make a change. Choose one wall that you want to update, it can even be the smallest wall in the house. Why not go bold. Choose a dark color, even black. That will give contrast and make it pop especially if the rest of the house has light colors. 

  • Hang new painting and pictures

I’m sure you have art you have been meaning to buy or that you already have but haven’t taken the time to hang. Let’s get it done now. You can also print new pictures and dress up your walls with some of your favorite memories. Changing the art around the house will give the room some fresh energy. It offers to your eyes something new to look at, keeping it interesting. 

  • Get a new carpet and ottoman

Your rug can be as subtle or blog as you want, but it sure is a big part of your design. If you’ve had your rug for a while, now might be a great time to update it. Go for a durable material like jute or wool.

  • Add new plants and pots

Treat yourself with plants that you can use as a decorative piece. Have fun with the pots, too. They can bring such a contrast to the room. Don’t forget you can also hang plants. 

Including greenery in your interior always add life and excitement to a room. If you don’t want to spend too much time taking care of the plants, choose one big one instead of multiple smaller ones you might forget to water.

  • Add a new mirror

Adding a mirror to the room has many benefits and really completes the look. It reflects the light making the room look brighter, bigger, and more open. The mirror itself can also be a real piece of art. Make sure to get one that really matches your personality and your interior.

Are you ready to make some improvements to your home? It doesn’t have to be too expensive nor too time-consuming. Start with one area you would like to change and see how it feels. Get in touch with us if you need any additional advice. We’d love to help you.