6 Creative Succulent Décor Projects

6 Creative Succulent Décor Projects

Contributed by Alex Capozzolo

Co-Owner, Brotherly Love Real Estate

Succulents, the thick, fleshy, deserted plant; you’ll see them growing anywhere in any environment. Better use them as your interior decoration and get a real feel for the greenery without worrying about additional maintenance or work. That’s what we have on our minds today!

Because of this plant’s flexibility, shape, and color variety, it’s an excellent tool for minimalist nature lovers. The flexibility is such that you can design soup bowls, dream catchers, or a small couch for your pet. Get creative, make a photo frame, create the Christmas tree, or cherish their beauty as you look outside in the cold, winter morning.

Succulents, like others of their class, can survive both sunny days and cold weather. But it has its quirks, so if you’re planning to grow it indoors, you should better ask the gardener about its care.

Coming back to today’s post, what can you do with this beautiful plant? How can you create a space with good energy, lots of greenery, and a modern look? In this post, we’re mostly considering indoor décor projects, but of course, you can use succulents for a window bed or enhance the curb appeal of your property.

Along with other plants and a water feature, succulents can be used to create a natural look, or you can try a modern look and have them create a harmonious design with a pop of white paint. Here are our recommendations:

Fruit Basket

Small grown plants on your table provide an inspiring view as you cook food or work from your desk. The best use of such plants lies in simplicity. We all have busy lives, and while we continuously juggle between daily chores, screen time, and other responsibilities, looking at greenery can help you relieve the stress. Sometimes, we try to introduce greenery using artificial plants, but they don’t grow and can’t give you the natural green feel.

Wall Decorations

Want to design a modern looking apartment with green plants that require minimum maintenance? Go for framed succulent art and wall decorations.

Don’t go overboard with the design. Use the plants, but keep the numbers to a minimum. Largely grown succulents are best suited for outdoor environments, and gardens.

Fairy Garden

Have a small garden, and you don’t know how to create an impressive design? Use succulents along with other colorful plants. Succulents come in various color palettes. What about pewter grays, and frosty blues working together in a small area? How about red, blue, and green combined with yellow flowers for a vibrant and lively space?

Marble and Concrete Plants

It’s an easy way to add elegance (and charm) to your living room or working area. Succulents work pretty well with marble stone decorations.

Braided Clay Pots

White seems to work with almost every home decoration project. Whether you need to create a welcome sign, or you want to introduce colors in an empty room, you can try succulents with braided clay pots.

Style Your Countertops and Tables

The setting works well for restaurants and personal kitchens. It’s a friendly plant and works well to give an updated look to your kitchen/bath countertops. Again you don’t have to do extra work; even one plant can do the magic.


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