6 Dated Home Decor Trends That Are Making a Comeback


6 Dated Home Decor Trends That Are Making a Comeback

Contributed by Dakota Hendrix

Fashion design and design, in general, are actually not as innovative as one would think. Trends that we sometimes believe are new often prove to be just a revival of something that was "in" in the past. Speaking of old home decor trends making a comeback, we've recently noticed that six of them have begun to take the spotlight. It appears they are here to stay for at least a little while longer, so why not spruce up your outdated interior design with something old but new?

If you happen to be one of those people that follow the latest design trends, you'll be happy to learn of the hottest ones involving home decor. Even though they've already been here before, it's time for them to shine again in their full glory.

Old Home Decor Trends That Are Making a Comeback and Appear Not to Be Going Anywhere

  1. Macramé and Ratan 

Although some believe macramé and ratan details have never even gone out of style since the 70s, the truth is, they have, but are back once again! These materials are especially present in Bohemian style, but they mix really well with some other modern interior design styles. A good example would be the coastal style, along with the contemporary style.

But, why is it that macramé and ratan are gaining in popularity? In part, it's because they are natural. With the public becoming more eco-conscious and adopting more sustainable habits, sustainability and, therefore, natural materials are becoming the focal point of interior design. Furthermore, macramé and ratan details tend to add character to every place they inhabit, along with the warmth.

Macramé, in particular, is all about the texture. Some of the all-time favorite details include wall art and plant hangers. In recent years, though, knotted throw pillows have begun catching attention, too.

Rattan is ever-present in chairs. If you are looking to add it to your own home, replacing the existent chair with their rattan counterparts is bound to up your interior design game. Then again, if you aren't interested in a change so big, a few smaller rattan details can also revive the space.

2. Wallpaper

A good portion of the 20th century was all about wallpapers, which, apparently, are yet again becoming "in". However, the designs have changed, and nowadays, people have an infinite number of patterns to choose from. And unlike the past century, wallpapers of today are textured as well. For the best result, instead of covering all walls in the room with them, wallpapers are best used to bring to attention a single wall, making it, essentially, an accent wall.

3. Old School Appliances 

We cannot talk about old home decor trends that are making a comeback without mentioning retro kitchen appliances. Retro, in terms of the color, but the style, too. It's just the looks of these appliances that appear old. They are entirely new and, therefore, ready to be of assistance for as long as the trend lasts. Every single one of the kitchen appliances out there has got its vintage variant. From toasters and kettles, all the way to ovens and refrigerators.

4. Tiles with Patterns 

The time of minimalistic tiles has passed, and it's the patterned tiles' time to shine. Morrocan, Provincial, and bold geometrical style have all got their way into our hearts and homes. When incorporated into the bathroom, for example, it's the luxury that they are adding to.

Don't be afraid to experiment and decorate with tiles. There are many fun and creative things to try when they are concerned. Whether you'll be covering the entire kitchen wall with the patterned tiles or sticking to the smaller details in the foyer is entirely up to you to decide.

5. Velvet Upholstery 

Velvet has been, and still is, considered a luxurious material. It has also come back in its full glory! However, the thing that differentiates the velvet of today from that of the past is that now this material is not only stylish but also practical. It's maintenance-friendly, long-lasting, and available in virtually every color out there! Velvet sofas are in the spotlight of the trend, although ottomans and armchairs are present as well. The good news is that, despite these details looking expensive, that isn't necessarily the case any longer.

5. All About Beige 

Beige used to be included in almost every home back in the 80s and was, for a while, replaced with grey in all of its shades. It began making a comeback recently and is, currently, better than ever before! The beige of the last century was nothing like beige now. Previously, we've seen darker shades of this color, with hints of gold and pink to it. These days, the preferred shades of beige are softer, light, and warm. They remind us of cream, lattes, champagne even. When considering that it is a neutral color, matching it with a plethora of other hues out there is certainly possible.

Despite beige being simple to mix with other colors, keeping the area completely beige isn't recommended. Unless you are purposely planning on dulling the place, that is.

Spruce up your design with something old!

Although the above old home decor trends that are making a comeback aren't essentially new, they have come back improved and better than ever before! Interior design trends come and go, and the reality is, these old but new trends will go out of style once again. When exactly that will be is tough to say. Until then, let's make the best use of them we can to create a home so unique that none will be able to match it!