7 Interior Design Tips To Style Your Entryway

7 Interior Design Tips To Style Your Entryway

Your entryway is the first impression you and your guests have of your home. It’s time to make this room feel more comfortable and welcoming! Set the tone with these following tips.

Designated Storage Place 

Entryways can often get messy and unorganized. Without proper storage, we quickly end up with piles of coats, shoes, mail, and other stuff that will clutter the entire room.

Make a list of the things you need to keep in your entryway and have dedicated storage for each of them. Scarfs and gloves can be store away in a cute rattan basket while keys and mail have their own trays.

Hang a Mirror 

Having a mirror in the entryway isn’t only really useful, it also participates in the entire design of the room. A mirror also makes the room feel bigger and brighter! Don’t hesitate to go for a bigger statement piece.

Place a Rug

Placing a rug in your entryway will invite you and your guests to remove your shoes and get comfortable! Your rug becomes an integral part of your design and shows your personality. From white to geometric forms to colorful patterns, there is something for everybody!

Create an Accent Wall 

Your entryway is an integral part of your house so you get to decorate as is! Consider making an accent wall with bold color paint or removable wallpaper. You can also decide to create a gallery frame wall with your favorite pictures.

Add Potted Plants 

Adding plants to any room will make it feel brighter and more lively. Make sure to choose plants that can thrive in that environment depending on the amount of light they will get each day. Oh, and don’t forget to water them!

Position a Bench 

A cute wooden bench will be the perfect addition to make your entryway feel cozier. It also creates storage underneath it to hide away shoes or baskets.

Livin Up your entryway!

Install a Coat Hanger

Hanging your coats and purse has never been more fun! There are so many cute and unique ideas to place hooks in your entryways. From a more industrial look to this rustic wooden board, find what fits the rest of your interior!

Work on the first impression of your home with a stunning entryway and see how good it feels to step into your home every day!

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