7 Most Popular Trends for Paint Colors for Bedrooms

7 Most Popular Trends for Paint Colors for Bedrooms

Contributed by Daria Roman


With the growth of interior design, there are many ideas about the bedroom’s paint colors. People nowadays tend to apply their favorite color to their bedroom walls and trends seem to be changing quite rapidly. That's why selecting the paint colors is very difficult - there are just so many different ideas!

Today, we will show you some popular color trends in 2021, which you, too, can apply in your bedroom.

1. Creamy and White Color

The first color trend in the bedroom’s color is to use cream or white color.

These colors are suitable for small bedrooms, so you can save space while filling the room. They're universal, versatile and match pretty much everything.

Creamy color is always well-received when applied for furniture - of course, the furniture can also brighten up the bedroom. When speaking of bedroom furniture, most of your mattresses, pillows or windows are most likely creamy or white already.

Some people use creamy for color-blocking the walls. You just have to apply the cream color at a certain point and then apply other color on the wall. With this, you don't have to worry about any other theme piercing through your desired color.


2. Always Trendy: Modern Black and White

The modern bedroom ideas are getting increasingly popular, especially the techniques which are combined with natural materials. The idea of this theme comes from traditional Japanese decorating bedrooms, including tatami mats as flooring, wooden futon frames on top of them, and silk sheets allowed as bedding.

The main idea during this decorating is to provide comfort and simplicity so that people can relieve their tiredness after a hard day’s work. Since this idea is getting more popular, you can try interior design that makes the area look luxurious and ancient at the same time – black wood flooring combined with the white walls and black lacquered furniture together makes a very chic bedroom.

3. Shades of Blue

When it comes to bedroom designs, blue is a color that makes your bedroom look bigger and makes it look clean. Blue is clear and refreshing. When you paint your bedroom in blue, it adds a feeling of calmness and peace. Blue is also good for stress reduction, which can be beneficial to people who suffer from anxiety and insomnia.

Blue, however, is considered a cold color, so it is also important to have other bright colors in your bedroom to warm up the space. To achieve this, you can use soft pink or yellow on your furniture.

4. Browns and Grays: The Looks of Nature

The nature seems to be a source of inspiration for interior designers, especially when it comes to bedroom designs.

Some people prefer to use natural color such as brown or gray, because it gives a feeling of simplicity and calmness. This color tends to be more preferred by older people who want to relax more in their bedroom after a hard day’s work.

The brown color matches well with almost any other color - wood, white or even yellow or red - so you don't need to worry too much if you don't yet know what furniture you want for the bedroom.

This color is also suitable for small bedrooms where only simple decorations are needed. Brown is very neutral, so it is not too much if it is used as a wall color. It will help you save money on paint and decoration costs while still achieving the desired result.

Some people tend to decorate their bedrooms with the natural touch that they can find outside their house. The idea of decorating a bedroom with a combination of natural materials and objects from nature seems to be a new trend in modern interior design. A bedroom decorated in this way will make you feel comfortable, fresh, and relaxed.


5. Dark Brown and Beige

The bedroom just feels so much more comfortable and relaxing when it is decorated in a cozy brown and beige theme. These colors make you feel so warm and comfortable that you can just lay down on your bed, close your eyes, and relax.

What makes this color interesting is that it is a combination of brown and beige. So, it is not a single color, but it is actually a combination of two colors.

If you want to make it even more interesting, you can combine it with other colors, such as blue, white, or red. The result will be a sophisticated bedroom that will be everyone's envy.

6. Bright Colors

The bright colors in bedrooms are popular with homeowners across the whole world. This is because these colors are not only going to make the room look bigger, but they can also be used to bring out a nice, energetic mood.

Brights are popular among younger generations who are more willing to try new things.

The bright colors are also a good idea for small bedrooms - by using bright furniture and wall colors, you can make the room look bigger.

Bright colors, of course, are not only for teenagers or people in their 20s. They can also be used by people of all ages. It is up to you how you want to use the bright colors in your bedroom.

7. The Angelic Blue and White: A New Trend for Bedrooms

Blue and white colors are quite popular among designers because it seems that they just go well together. You can see that these two colors are often used in interior design, especially in bedrooms.

This color combination is perfect for a bedroom with a relaxing feel - the blue color has the ability to make you feel calm while the white color helps to make it look clean and neat.

When it comes to decorating a small bedroom, it's best if you choose blue tones instead of dark shades of blue or black because dark colors will make the room look smaller than what it actually is. What's good about this combination is that with just one shade of blue, you can still get different feels depending on how you want to decorate your bedroom walls, ceiling, or other furniture in your room.

Some people like having their whole room painted in white but then applying one single dark shade of blue on certain parts of the room such as the side table, lamps, or even bed sheets!

In addition to all of these benefits, this color combination also looks really beautiful!


Bedroom is where you can get some rest after a long day at work. It's the place where you can relax and do what you want to do. That's why choosing the right paint colors for your bedroom is very important - because it not only makes your bedroom look beautiful, but also gives you a sense of comfort and relaxation.

So, which of these trends are you interested in? Which seems to be the best for your bedroom? We hope that our article will give you more ideas on how to decorate your bedroom.