7 Ways to Create a Focal Point in your House

7 Ways to Create a Focal Point in your House

The focal point is the first thing you noticed and the last thing you will forget about a room. It’s where your attention is automatically drawn to when you walk into the room. It is what makes the energy flow and feel more harmonious.

When a room lacks a focal point it can quickly feel overwhelming and without personality. Having a focal point, on the other hand, creates a storyline, a context, a direction.

Some rooms have natural focal points (such as a fireplace or a huge window) and some have to be planned out and created. But whether the focal point is natural or not, it is important to make sure to highlight it throughout your interior.

Before buying any furniture, painting walls, or reorganizing the space, first make sure to identify that focal point. Then design the rest around it. That way all the other decorative items will support the focal point instead of overpowering it.

Accent Wall

An accent wall is what we usually think of when we talk about focal points. They are easy to create and don’t require any specific architectural elements.

There are different ways to create an accent wall:

  • Paint

Paint one wall in a bold color that will pop out or in a lighter or darker shade of the rest of the walls to create a contrast.

  • Tiles

Covering one of your walls with tiles is another great way to create a unique focal point. From large tiles to mini mosaics with bold prints or natural colors, they will create a fantastic effect. This is particularly interesting for the kitchen and bathrooms.

  • Wallpaper

Removable wallpapers make it super easy to create an accent wall… and to easily remove it or switch it up. There are a lot of different options these days to help you create the style you will love.


Floor-to-ceiling curtains are a great focal point. It helps make the room feel more spacious, it creates flows and elegance while dressing your windows.

Hang the curtains close to the ceiling and let them hang so they kiss the floor to create the ultimate effect

Large Window

A large window letting a lot of natural light is very attractive in a room. Make sure to make space around the windows so natural light isn’t being blocked. Use proper window treatments that won’t block the view too much and place furniture in a way to face this large window.


If you are lucky to have a fireplace in your home, make sure to use it! When properly highlighted it will create a  magical and cozy feeling. Place furniture so that they face the fireplace, add a rug in front of it, hang an art piece on top of it or use plants to complement it.


Whether it is a large piece of artwork such as a painting, a framed photography, or a gallery pictures wall this will draw this attention and become the focal point. Artwork makes your décor more unique and personal.


A large mirror hanging in the center of a room will create the perfect focal point while making your room bigger and brighter.

Piece of furniture

A large piece of furniture is another great way to create a focal point. Have you ever been to a room where you remember the huge beautiful bed or the long elegant couch? That’s because they have become the focal point of the room. Once you have identified which piece of furniture will be your focal point adapt the rest of the decoration around it.

If you have a beautiful yellow couch make sure this is the color that will pop out. Don’t hide it with other overpowering elements in bold colors.

Get inspired by these ideas! If you don’t have a focal point yet in your home or if you want to switch it up, now is the time. We are only a message away. If you need additional tips, contact us today