9 Paint Colors You’ll Never Find in an Interior Designer’s Home


Originally Published by Domino Online

9 Paint Colors You’ll Never Find in an Interior Designer’s Home And the Hues they Swear by.

Picking a new hue for your walls can feel like a major commitment. After all, there’s no other design element that has quite as much power to impact how you feel. But in reality it’s a pretty low-risk update. “The beauty of paint is that it can be changed,” says Russell Whitehead, cofounder of 2LG Studio. “Color isn’t ever something to regret. Taking chances is what keeps us happy and helps us grow.”

Such wise and levelheaded advice got us thinking: Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could invite a designer over to your house for a glass of wine and a snack while they regale you with tales of their own paint adventures? With that in mind, we asked nine industry experts to share the shades they would avoid at all costs and the ones they’d use in their own homes. Surprisingly, one “unpopular” color was a clear winner.

Skip Yellow, Try Aqua (Sherwin Williams 0019 Festoon Aqua)

“We tend to stay away from yellow in almost any tint, tone, or shade as the dominant color in a space,” says Jessica Nelson of Etch Design Group. But not all bold hues are off the table—aqua accent walls are winning Nelson and fellow Etch principal designer Stephanie Lindsey over (they note it’s an especially fun choice for a playroom).

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