Etch Design Group is a full-service interior design firm based in Austin, Texas. We are dedicated to crafting custom residential and commercial design experiences by collaborating with our clients to determine the best creative solution for each project. Together, we strive to design spaces that offer a delicate balance between purpose and beauty.



With decades of experience, Etch Design Group inspires possibility and cultivates beauty. While creating gorgeous and functional spaces is what comes naturally to us, our first focus has always been the people. We feel that a beautifully designed home is an invitation to fully be ourselves. Great design brings us an experience of the extraordinary.

It’s extraordinary to us that everyday we get to show up to work and contribute to our client’s happiness. And to take risks, push boundaries, and give life to spaces. Mostly, it’s extraordinary to dedicate ourselves to the belief that everyone deserves to live in a home that gives them a sense of belonging. That’s the value of great design because it can absolutely do all of that. While still being fun, caring about connection, and pursuing excellence and leading with honor. At Etch, we envision a home as a place that inspires us every day and that impacts all aspects of our life... and because of it, we’re just happier people.


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Jessica has always had a passion for design and loves bringing a client's vision to life! She received her Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from Texas State University, and has been transforming unique spaces ever since. Jessica has been recognized for her outstanding creativity and design aesthetic. Her background in technology makes her uniquely qualified in computer renderings and visualization tools, which help assist clients in “painting the picture” on what to expect in their finished space.

Jessica is known for her love of fabrics and furnishings, and her unique ability to add the perfect finishing touch to every project. Her designs reflect her diverse experience studying architectural history and art in Florence, Italy. She has gained valuable knowledge and appreciation for European design, and loves expressing this through her work. Jessica served as the Chair for the 2018 ASID Texas- Austin Design Community board. Jessica has been actively involved in the American Society of Interior Designers since her time at Texas State University, and served on the local Austin board from 2015 to 2019.

Guiding Jessica through all areas of her life is a belief that we’re shaped by the defining moments in our lives. How we meet them, and move forward from them, helps us understand who we are and what is important to us.  Every single day, Jessica is grateful for the moments and the people who have helped shape and define her, and that list starts with Jessica's remarkable business partner and biggest supporter, Stephanie Lindsey. The list of prominent people in her life goes on and on, but couldn’t be complete without her husband, Scott, their two children, Cameron and Cora, and her 8 year old Golden Retriever, Colt, who she swears acts more like a cat than a dog.  Jessica loves to experience the world through travel, and her study abroad in Florence, Italy will always stand out as one of her all-time favorite memories.



Stephanie has an instinctive talent and keen eye for design, along with a strong technical background in computer drafting. She graduated from the Interior Designers Institute in Newport Beach, CA with her Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design. Stephanie has worked with contractors, designers and architects throughout the country, developing a unique and versatile portfolio of projects.

Her exquisite attention to detail, paired with an innate ability to project manage, provides her clients with the highest level of satisfaction. Stephanie believes in honesty and integrity in all that she does. Stephanie is a registered Interior Designer (RID) and is certified by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ), as well as a current and active member in the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). Stephanie served on the 2018 ASID Texas- Austin Design Community board as the Financial Chair.

Work is a great motivator for Stephanie; designing, creating, and assisting others, are
all enormously fulfilling to her. It’s also helped her to see that balancing career,
alongside life’s beauty and fun, its challenges and fragility, is one part of the journey.
The other part is knowing that the people who take the journey alongside you make it
more meaningful and more beautiful than ever imaginable. At the top of Stephanie’s list is
Jessica, her business partner and her great friend. Stephanie’s husband, three children
and ready babysitters (aka: mom and dad) rank right at the top of her list, as well. She has traveled to Italy and Spain studying architecture and design. Always passionate about education, Stephanie loves learning new skills and most recently learned how to weld.



Jenifer is known for thinking outside the box, and her instinctive creativity establishes a uniquely refreshing foundation for each design project. She is extremely detail-oriented and designs as she thinks through the very minute details of each aesthetic. Her background in architectural stone and decorative tiles is also extremely useful as she manages both remodel and new construction projects.

At Texas State University, Jenifer received her Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design with a minor in Art and Design and a focus on Art History. Subsequently, Jenifer worked with Austin’s top architects, builders, and interior designers. Jenifer is certified by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ).




Savanna earned her Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design at California State University, Northridge. Her background in architecture prior to her formal interior design education curated the path to connecting with clients on every level of their project. From the exterior to the very intimates of interior, she works closely with each party involved and finds communication is the key to cohesive and extraordinary results.

Savanna embodies a bit of California beach and gathers inspiration from the natural array of tones found in nature but craves a design challenge and opportunities to show off her ever-evolving style. No matter what the style she is asked to create, each space designed by Savanna feels warm, unique, and personable.

Her heart belongs to the beaches of Malibu and the mountains of Tahoe, as the surroundings from each have shaped her career thus far. Savanna stands unique by offering expertise in client relationships, working alongside builders, architects, and trade professionals, but also has the ability to offer knowledge in the Smart Home realm.



Gillian immediately began working in residential remodeling upon graduating with her Bachelor’s in Interior Design from the University of Texas at Arlington. She has spent that time working closely with architects and contractors from the day a project is conceived, through the design and construction process, and until the last piece of furniture is placed. Her architecture-based background gives her a unique approach to interior design, as she always thinks of the bigger, holistic picture.

The process of studying the family dynamic, how we live in our spaces, and how to reinterpret that information into a home is what inspires her. She really enjoys taking the time to get to know clients and their personalities in order to cultivate a strong concept to carry throughout each project.



Rocio earned her Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design at High Point University in High Point, NC, known as “the furniture capital of the world." Immediately after university, she accepted a position with a well-renowned celebrity event producer where she had the opportunity to design and produce high-scale events and temporary environments for brands such as CNN, Becca, and Paul Mitchell in some of the most prestigious venues in New York. In a mere two years, she became design director of the company.

In 2017, she went back to her first love, interior design, working for a boutique, New York-based design firm. Rocio’s diverse background has provided her with a unique perspective in approaching each design project. She loves the juxtaposition of adding design elements of different styles and time periods, and harmoniously marrying them to create a space that perfectly reflects her clients.


Kim Garza, NCIDQ

Kim developed an interest in architectural design at a young age and graduated from California State University, Sacramento with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Design, which also incorporated training in graphic design, photography, and included a travel abroad program to study architecture in Venice, Italy.

Shortly after graduation, Kim relocated to Austin, TX and immediately began working with an architect on commercial and residential remodel projects. Her professional experience then moved into residential interiors for new home builds, completing hundreds of model home designs across the country. Her broad experience in creating for the model home industry refined her unique ability to understand desirable aesthetics and to plan for everyday lifestyle needs inside each home. Kim is certified by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) and finds design inspiration through attending art museums and theatre productions.


Lauren Johns, NCIDQ

Lauren graduated from Texas State University with her degree in Interior Design. As an NCIDQ certified designer, Lauren has over a decade of experience designing innovative, functional spaces focused on creative aesthetic design. Always diligent and forward-thinking, her focus has been custom homes and model homes throughout the region, leading design teams and client satisfaction.

She finds passion in arranging spaces and has a unique ability to envision the “whole” picture. Her detail-oriented designs produce original results that keep clients’ needs & vision a top priority. Lauren also enjoys traveling with her husband for inspiration.


Shelbie Boschman

Shelbie graduated from Western Michigan University with her Bachelor's degree in interior design. As a determined design professional, she strives to create meaningful relationships and spaces. Over the last eight years, she has collaborated with over one hundred homeowners to design their custom homes.

Shelbie balances creativity with practicality, and she sure loves the minute details of every home! She loves integrating hand renderings to communicate her designs as well as using computer-aided design programs to prepare 2D and 3D drawings. Her experiences have given her a solid foundation of the design and construction process, and she's an absolute pleasure to work with.

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gabriela alanis
design assistant

Gabriela earned her Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design at Illinois State University. During her undergraduate program, she gained unique experience working in cabinet, hardware and appliance specifications. Gabriela has since continued to prove her work ethic and natural design capabilities as she interned for Etch Design Group and was then hired on as staff.

Volunteer work is important to Gabriela, with her most recent experience in Costa Rica improving living conditions for local residents, building wood-burning stoves to reduce smoke pollution within homes, creating skylights by using clear plastic sheets on pre-existing sheet metal roofing to bring in natural light, and even tiling an entire bathroom.

Gabriela works tirelessly to detail every design element and think thoughtfully about the design concept as a whole. And she will literally take you by surprise when you learn she is an aerialist and has performed for years in a circus.


design assistant

Surrounded by a family full of creatives, Madison fell in love with design at a young age. She received a Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design from Stephen F. Austin State University and earned many accolades.

Her professional experience started in the lighting industry and then moved to multi-family projects. Madison has a long history in residential design and is a rockstar when it comes to AutoCAD, Sketchup and Photoshop. She is thoughtful, joyful, and creative to the core.

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design assistant

With a Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design from Heriot-Watt University and a Master's Degree in Interior Design from the University of Texas at Austin, Hannah is knowledgeable in all ares of design. Working as a designer in Dubai and India over the years sparked a dormant seed of purpose on how architectural design address social issues through holistic approaches. This brought about an interest not only in interior design but also social-impact design where Hannah aspires toward community-based practices through research, design thinking, possible solutions and effective implementation which would bridge gaps in society.

Hannah is dedicated to teamwork and creative thinking, working hard to keep the design process and timeline on track.


Samantha hammel
operations manager and brand ambassador

With a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Missouri in Textile and Apparel Management, Samantha is creative and extremely detail-oriented. After relocating to Austin from London, Samantha joined the Etch team to assist in perfecting internal processes and managing client on-boarding. She also oversees photoshoots and styling, among many other responsibilities.

Samantha studied abroad in France, has years of experience in visual merchandising, and always puts the client first. She has an infectiously positive outlook and builds strong relationships. Always thoughtful, Samantha is the first person you want to meet at Etch.