Beautiful Interior Design Ideas for Your Living Room

Beautiful Interior Design Ideas for Your Living Room

Contributed by Mary Anderson

Blogger & Writer | BROTHERLY LOVE BLOG

Second to the kitchen, the living room is the most important place in the home. As its name suggests, life happens in the living room. It’s where you host your guests, spend lazy evenings, and the first space seen when you enter your home. Therefore, it is apparent that you would want your living room to look luxurious, especially when selling a house. You do not have to spend a lot of money to make your living room beautiful. The following are beautiful interior design ideas for your living room.

Statement Lighting

A lighting source, be it a floor lamp, ceiling light, or table lamp, can be a statement piece. Use a modern crystal chandelier, a stunning gold lamp base, or oversized lampshades to add drama. Large size or a shiny finish can deliver a high-style focal point in the living room. You can also try to allow more natural light into the room by enlarging your windows.

High Curtains

If your house does not have expansive windows or soaring ceilings, you can create the look with your curtains, as is the case with luxurious homes. Hang your hardware and drapery up high, close to the ceiling. This will draw eyes upward and make the room appear taller than it is. Pick a curtain design or color that matches other living room décor, such as the couch.

Wall Mirrors

Mirrors are a typical accessory to add light, a shiny and luxe feeling, and the illusion of space. Hand one large mirror above a fireplace, credenza, or sofa. Oversized mirrors should be elaborate to create a luxurious look. In the absence of a large mirror, group smaller mirrors to produce a similar effect.

Luxurious Throws and Pillows

Invest a tiny amount in throw blankets and throw pillows made of luxurious textiles. Look for pillows and blankets with fabrics such as faux fur velvet, metallic linen, and silk. These fabrics feel and look expensive. Their textured surfaces also help create a highly styled and layered look when you place them on your furniture. Choose textiles in colors that add an intimation of color and complement your armchair or sofa. You can also make a statement with glam pillows by adding a more dramatic pop of color.

Big, Simple Accessories

Add several large decorative accessories to your living room, such as a large vase with a single botanical piece or a wood sculpture. The oversized decorative piece creates an artful silhouette. Likewise, a simple accessory will create a focal point, which will help to distract from the not-so-appealing aspects of the space, such as worn furniture. You can use shelves as an inexpensive tool to showcase a simple installation. A few simple accessories in the same shape or color, such as round decorative balls or small vases, also work well.

Let us help you achieve the look you're after

You do not have to do an entire remodel to make your living room luxurious. A few inexpensive things can help achieve the look you are looking for. Changing the color of your walls is also another simple way to decorate your living room. Work well with what you have by placing it in the right place.


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