Color palettes for a Stylish Bedroom

Color palettes for a Stylish Bedroom


We love the soft neutrals and calming colors often found in traditional bedroom designs, after all this is the room in the house where comfort comes first! It is also a room in which you can really let your personality shine! Bedrooms are often the most personal room in the house, they are our sanctuaries! This means that we can really get creative when it comes to designing this space, and the color is a huge part of this! Playing around with color, texture, and light is a great way to create the perfect space for you to retreat to at the end of a long day at work. From soft pastels to bold primary colors, there are infinite ways to introduce color in the bedroom using paint, wallpaper, textiles, art, and accessories.

Here we will break down our favorite color palettes to offer you some inspiration for your next design!

Find calm with blues 

Blue is a perfect choice for a bedroom, it is one of the most calming colors used. It falls within a wide spectrum of shades, from the palest dusky blues that can create a coastal, seaside feel to deep inky blue blacks that will cocoon you and create a deeply cozy space.

There are many ways to work with blues depending on the size of your room. High ceilings and large windows can hold a deep/dark blue very well, mixing this with soft neutral furnishings can create a stylish and inviting room you’ll want to spend lots of time in.

If your space is smaller, working with more vibrant blues such as aquamarine or a dusky bluebell can work well. Pair with wooden floors and furnishings and you have the perfect country cottage getaway feel. Beech, walnut, and oak all compliment blues perfectly.

Want to try something different? Think of the ceiling as a fifth wall and paint it a deep blue instead of white, this will help you to feel cocooned in a calming, restful sanctuary.

Be Bold with Yellow 

Yellow often gets shunned when it comes to bedroom colors due to its vibrant nature, but when used correctly yellow accents in a bedroom can help to create an inspiring and cheerful space that leaves you feeling peaceful and uplifted.  Waking up every morning to an instant dose of positivity is a great way to live, whether you want a statement wall or a few simple accessories.

If you’re looking to add a splash of yellow to your space but aren’t fully ready to commit to painting, consider updating your soft furnishings. A soft yellow rug and bed linen catch the eye and uplift the mood instantly!

A bold and different idea could be to paint the bottom half of your walls yellow and the top half white, creating a two-tone effect. Doing this lightens up a room and brings a lot of life and vibrancy. Dividing your wall up into two halves and painting the lower half a bright yellow, and the rest a simple white, allows you to get all the excitement and warmth of yellow paint, without dominating or overwhelming the room, especially if your space is on the smaller side.

Be daring with Reds 

Red has long been known as the color to evoke love, power, and romance. It has very bold and luxurious energy. Still, many are hesitant to take on the task of perfecting a red bedroom, some reds move more into pink, and some feel too intense and lack the serenity needed for a bedroom. But there are ways to use this color successfully.

Styling a red bedroom can be great fun! Playing with textures and patterns can be a great step to bringing red into your space, much like yellow you can bring red to your soft furnishings first to test the waters.

Be Serene with Green 

Green is the perfect option for someone wanting to create a grounded space that feels safe, calm, and secure. Using green can offer a sense of bringing the outside in, great for homes that are in the city with less access to nature. Green really is the color of the sanctuary. What's great about it is that whilst it looks calming it also offers a refreshing sense of vitality! Much like mother nature herself.

Differing shades of green work very well together, so don’t be afraid to mix light and dark, blue- and yellow-based tones. Some other color pairings could include dark leafy greens with shades of pink, fresh minty greens with whites, or even forest greens with hints of warming yellow!

Have fun with design and play with color!

Playing with color is one of the most fun aspects of the design process, in fact, bedrooms are often a designer's favorite room to work on. You can really let your personality shine and create your perfect space to rest and recoup, this is especially important after the last few years we’ve had! If you’re seeking design help, or you’re ready to begin your redesign, contact us today.