Create the best home office to wow your clients

Create the best home office to wow your clients

Whether you are a coach, a teacher, a therapist, an accountant… if you are planning on meeting with your clients at your home office you need to make sure it is created intentionally.

The way you will design your office will have a big importance on how your clients will feel. 

You need to make sure your home office is the following:

  • Representing your brand

Your office is very much part of your branding. It should be aligned with your vision and your values.

Make sure to know clearly what your brand represents to visually transpose it in your office. 

Is your space supposed to be more formal or informal? Do you want to create an intimate relationship with your customers or stay very professional? Are you supporting any causes?

  • A comfortable place to work

As this is the primary goal of the room, do not neglect this aspect. Make sure you feel comfortable. You will want to have different seating options: a chair for your desk that supports your back and keeps your vertebral column straight, but also having a couch or reading chair for example for when you need to take a break or want to change your work setting. 

You will also want to have enough seating for you and your clients.


  • A big enough work desk area¬†

Are you planning on working directly with collaborators or clients in your office? If they will need some workspace as well make sure to accommodate for it so your guests feel truly welcomed.


  • Enough privacy and boundaries

Having your office based at home has many advantages but you will want to make sure to keep some clear boundaries between your private space and your workspace. Make sure that people don’t feel like they are intruding in your home as that usually makes people feel uncomfortable. Having a private entrance, good isolation to make the room soundproof, easy access to the bathroom as well as a station for beverages will make your place more professional.

  • Tidy and organized

Having your office well organized, clean, and tidy at all times will really make a huge difference and it will help set up a good image for yourself and your business. Let’s be honest, people will start building an opinion on your business as soon as they will enter the room. Having a tidy place will also decrease the number of distractions making the interaction more focused. 

Keep private documents tucked away. Whip off your whiteboard, unless it is relevant to the meeting.

  • ¬†Perfectly lit

Make sure the lighting is good at any time of the day and is aligned with the mood of the room. If you are having patients and you want them comfortable, select smooth lighting with lampshades to diffuse the light. If your office is designed to work on computers utilize natural light, make sure the lighting has no glare, and add a smaller lamp on the desk.


  • Unique and personal¬†

Having a home office that you can decorate allows you to share your personality. Add inspiring art that is aligned with your business and your values. This can also be a great conversation starter and it gives more information to your clients about who you are. Make sure to choose something you want them to know about you.

  • Green

Adding plants to any place is always a great idea. In your office even so! It will help bring more life to the space. It is also perfect to clean the air and it acts as a great decoration. 

Did you know having plants in your office increases your productivity? Give it a try!


Ready to wow your clients with a home office that feels aligned to you and your business? Do you need more advice based on your specific business? Feel free to reach out to us today.