Custom Homes of Texas

Custom Homes of Texas


Written by: Tania Taylor Griffis || Featured in Texas Living Magazine

Photos Courtesy of: Cate Black Photography

This home is filled with smart design choices that
make each space both chic and family-friendly. As the
homeowners were relocating from out of state, they relied upon Etch Design Group principal designers Stephanie Lindsey and Jessica Nelson to put finishing touches into the newly built Texas Hill Country residence.

While the home was already built, it fell to the design team to finish the space and make it feel more customized. The furnishings that were selected by the designers fell under the banner of family-friendly, with stain-grade performance fabrics that are easy to clean. Additionally, many of the original selections for the home were upgraded to fall in line with the client’s style, including upgraded lighting, and brass pulls in the kitchen, among other accessories.

The entire home is designed with one goal in mind: togetherness. The family spends a fair amount of time at home, and with four daughters, they wanted to create an enjoyable gathering space. A perfect example of how pretty meets practical is in the living room. “They liked the sectional set-up,” Nelson said. “We felt the u-shaped sectional made the togetherness aspect easier.”


Sherwin-Williams Greek Villa paint is used throughout the home to create a soothing, cohesive look.

With a young family, it was important to keep the furniture as livable as possible. “We used all performance fabrics,” Lindsey said.

When it comes to styling open shelves, less is more. “One easy rule to live by is the number three,” Lindsey said. “We always try to group items into threes. We also always throw in greenery, whether it’s living or faux.”


Concrete flooring throughout the kitchen is scored to resemble tile. “We wanted to create a warm and cozy aesthetic for the
home," Nelson said. "Each room is layered with elements of pattern and texture, utilizing rugs and upholstery to add character and softness throughout the home."

The design team added pendants with dark metal and new brass for contrast.

The dining fixture corresponds to the kitchen, tying in the brass and dark metal.


After loving the bed from her previous home, the homeowner wanted to include it in her new master bedroom. The room was designed around this piece. “We wanted to make this space warm and inviting, but also give it some color, too,” Nelson said.

The nightstands were custom made in a dark charcoal color with just a hint of blue.

The master seating area is a space for the couple to be together and be comfortable as they read or do morning devotionals. The stunning Texas Hill Country views take center stage in the space.

More Furniture

The entire nursery was designed around this lovely wallpaper that the Etch Design Group team installed. A performance fabric rocker was added along with custom drapery made to block out natural light.

The playroom features a custom sectional that is a modern take on a Chesterfield sofa, but with tighter tufting. "This is where the kids spend a lot of time, but it's also a great space for entertaining friends and family," Nelson said. "We wanted to create a room that would grow with the family over time, and be flexible for an array of activities."