Design Your House Like An Interior Design Pro

Design Your House Like An Interior Design Pro

Are you looking to design your home in a way that feels like it could be featured in a magazine?

We’ve got you! Today we are sharing our favorite tips to make your home look like it’s been designed by a pro.

Have the big picture in mind

Before buying furniture, decorations, paint buckets you want to make sure to have a clear idea in your head of what you are going to accomplish and the final design you are aiming to produce.

Before investing in anything, sit down and really define the style you are going for. Are you going for a beach vibe, a rustic feel, a modern style, or a boho look? Find what really resonates with you. Get inspiration from Pinterest, blog posts, or magazines. Once you are confident about the style you are going for and you can really start picturing living in it, then you can start buying furniture or decorations.

Without doing that, you might end up buying a very nice and expansive couch that won’t really be in the right environment and won’t produce the effect you were looking for.

Less is More

Don’t overpack your decor with lots of little things that don’t really bring any purpose or value to the atmosphere. Instead, invest in bigger pieces that will really make an impact on your room and become the focus of attention.

Think about plants

Plants add a lot of value to the room. Unfortunately, they are often not considered in the decoration phase of the room but added after without putting many thoughts into them. A big plant is a central element of decoration to itself that adds life to your room.

Use Quality Materials 

Luxury is in the details. Get furniture with nice finishing, buy soft fabrics that make you feel cozy. Don’t settle on a low price without looking at all the other aspects. Think about how easy it will be to clean and maintain and how long it will last. All these “details” put together will create a different atmosphere in the room.

Don't forget about Lighting

The lighting of the room can really make or kill the entire design. Make sure to let in as much natural light as possible by unblocking the windows. Is your window treatment in the way during the day preventing more light to come in? Is there furniture blocking the light in the room? Take inventory and make adjustments.

For your artificial light, find the right shades and colors for your lamps to bring a more cozy feeling