Diverse Ideas for Your Sun Room

Diverse Ideas for Your Sun Room

Contributed by Mary Anderson

Blogger & Writer | BROTHERLY LOVE BLOG

A sunroom can be many different things to many different homeowners. This room is often used as a relaxing space to enjoy a cup of coffee and sun rays in the mornings. Others prefer to fill the majority of it with spiritual decor and plants. 

It can be tricky knowing how to decorate your sunroom. This space can take on a more whimsical and imaginative theme than the other rooms in your house. Here are some ideas that will inspire you when designing your next sunroom and help you make the space your own.

Bold Colors 

Sunrooms tend to be bright and cheerful rooms with loads of natural light streaming through them. In terms of color, they tend to get decorated in various tones of white. There is nothing wrong with a white palette, as it makes a room seem airy and clean.

If you want to spice things up, consider adding strong colors to the overall style of your sunroom. For example, you can add a funky rug you picked up at the flea market, or toss some brightly colored pillows on a chair. Adding pops of color around the room makes it feel homier and inviting.

Depending on what the outside looks like from the sunroom, consider painting the walls a shade of green to match surrounding trees, or blue to match nearby bodies of water. A sunroom is meant to be a gateway between the inside and outside of your home. Embrace the environment around you by experimenting with bolder colors.

Toss in Texture

Another great way to add diverse style and character to a sunroom is by using different textures. Furniture made from natural materials like wicker or bamboo adds to the ambiance of the room without overwhelming the space. 

Window treatments or throw pillows with a fun pattern are eye-catching without being too visually busy. Even something as simple as a fluffy throw blanket can break up a room and make it feel more welcoming. The idea is to make the room interesting without feeling cluttered.

Embrace Greenery

Is it even a sunroom if you aren't using it for plants? Not only are sunrooms the ideal environment for your houseplants, but they are also the ideal decoration for the room. 

There is no wrong way to add plants to a sunroom. Let your creative juices flow by adding things like a vase of fresh flowers on a table, or long climbing vines covering the walls. Take advantage of the large amount of sunlight this room gets and let embrace plants! If you don't have a green thumb, you can add plants that don’t require much water.


Did you find yourself working from home after 2020? Most of us lacked sun exposure from last year. Consider adding a desk to your sunroom if you plan on spending many hours in the house each day.

People usually seem and sound happier when getting sun throughout the day. It can increase your productivity, and your mood in general while working. If you have space, you can also add a bookshelf, turning your sunroom into a small sun library. Waking up in the morning to read in a serene and calming sunroom can be extremely relaxing.  

Sunrooms are versatile spaces, both in use and design. The most important thing to consider when designing your next sunroom is "do I love it?" If a moody space with heavy, velvet furniture and dozens of plants isn't your style, that's fine. When decorating, the goal should ultimately be to create a space that reflects you and your style.


Alex Capozzolo is a partner of Better House Buyers, a home buyer based in Georgia. He has been writing for the real estate industry for several years. Alex enjoys writing on real estate investing, home improvement, and interior design.