Favorite Austin Resources for Authentic Décor

Favorite Austin Resources for Authentic Décor

Austin Interior Designers Share Their Favorite Local Resources for Authentic Décor

Do you want to decorate your rental, but you don’t know where to find the best deals near you? Well, if you live in Austin, this article might be just what you’re looking for. We’ve teamed up with Jessica Nelson and Stephanie Lindsey of Etch Design Group to bring you some of their favorite places to get affordable, unique finds for decorating your Austin apartment. Below, you will also find their tips on how to decorate on a budget and some easy and affordable DIY projects to lend more of your personality to your home. Thank you, Jessica and Stephanie, for your answers!

What is your top advice for decorating an Austin rental on a budget?

To make it feel local and homey, add Austin art and accessories. Austin is a destination hotspot and creating an authentic atmosphere isn’t expensive; it just takes attention to detail and adding those finishing touches to create a complete look.

Some recommendations include a hand-drawn map of Austin, or maybe even your local neighborhood, with a large, calligraphic font to give it a nice, flowy design. For a more colorful accessory, look for a minimal, watercolor skyline of Austin, or, if you want an edgier look, perfect for an office, you can look for a stainless steel laser cut map of Austin. These graphic pieces of art are versatile and can really add sophistication to a room.

Another great idea are string lights for your exterior patio/yard. If you’ve been lucky enough to enjoy Austin before, you’ve definitely seen this around town. Almost every outdoor dining area has them, and they instantly add flair to any space. If you don’t have a patio, you can hang them on your balcony or above your dining table to imitate the elegance of outdoor terraces.

Pro tip: If, by chance, your rental has a staircase, adding a colorful decorative riser is a cost-effective design element. Mirth Studio have some amazing products for this project.

What local hotspots / local tips can you recommend for buying furniture & décor items?

For special elements, there are some local stores that we love, such as: A Custom HouseDecorumBack HomeVintage FreshCollectic HomeWildflower and Feather your Nest to name just a few!

For local antiques, The Renner Project is a must-see with stylish and unexpected vintage décor and furnishings! Uncommon Objects on Fort View is also a great place to browse unique and eclectic antiques, as well as Jean-Marc Frey downtown. The city-wide garage sale also happens a few weekends out of the year at Auditorium Shores, and that is a great place to find unique vintage furniture and antiques for pennies on the dollar.

Half Price Books is a great way to decrease your investment but also provide the rental with worthwhile books! For local art, the East Austin Studio tour is a wonderful way to get a glimpse into the Austin art scene, with local artists and artisans showcasing their work around the city. Another option for local art is at the Austin Art Garage. And for antiques and all sorts of other one-of-a-kind furnishings, a visit to Round Top, TX is a must!

What’s an easy DIY project for home décor?

Create a feature wall! There are so many different types, but here are a few ideas: Austin is known for its murals, and there’s no better space to do this than in the comfort of your home. Better yet–it’s a great visual, a great backdrop and you can make it unique to you. It can be as simple as a geometric pattern or a famous quote! A simple and creative wood wall is also an easy way to spice up a room. Pair it with a pop of color or something dark and sultry, and your guests will be in visual awe!

Plus, as a renter, you can always go for the peel and stick option to make sure you’re not hurting your chances to get back the security deposit. In any way, if you want to alter your walls, it’s best to discuss it with your landlord first and get their approval.

These resources are perfect for anyone looking to upgrade their Austin apartment. We hope you find something unique to fit your style, and remember that even a quick and easy DIY can help you transform a room and offer a fresh perspective on things. Thank you, again, to Jessica and Stephanie for this list of resources and favorites. Perhaps you will also find a favorite place among these recommendations!

*Featured Images by: Brian Cole Photography; Design by: Etch Design Group, LLC

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