Furnishings Design Process



Our initial meeting focuses on inspiration images and your vision for your home. Then the furnishings budget and space plan come into discussion, as we ask a number of relevant questions to help us understand your primary goals for the project and determine your desired aesthetic.


Our second phase kicks off with our initial design presentation.  The client may see furnishings plans, concept boards and even fabric samples.  This is conceptual, and details will come later in the process.  Based on your feedback, the design is refined and additional meetings will continue as needed.  Feedback is crucial for the design team to move forward in the process.


As design details are meticulously considered, additional meetings occur as needed for furnishings refinements.  Furnishings proposals are presented to the client for approval and order procurement begins.


The design now starts to become a reality!  We continue to manage the procurement phase and oversee furnishings installations.  Art and accessories are also discussed at this stage to assess what is needed.



Our first meeting after inspiration discussions will include a line-item budget and a furnishings space plan.  It is vital at this point for the client to provide any inspiration images to ensure the Etch team has the client’s vision and goals at the forefront of their design.  Design selections and concepts will be provided at a later phase in the process.

Budgets include furnishings only.  Please let the design team know if you would like the budget to include the Etch design fee, mattresses, box springs, bedding, accessories, art, or other items.

Feedback is crucial for the design team to move forward in the process.  After collaboration and feedback, the client must provide approval on the line-item budget and furnishings space plan before the next step in the design process.


Our second phase kicks off with an initial design presentation.  The client will see concept boards and individual furniture options.  At this point, we will want to know which pieces you would like to see in person, if there be any.

Additional meetings will encompass design revisions based on client feedback and could be held at the Etch office or at local trade showrooms.  The Etch team also provides design assistance outside of the Austin area if traveling is in the best interest of the client.  Fabric and rug samples and color palettes are presented in-person, and these meetings are typically held at the Etch Design Group office.  As decisions are made, the Etch team will create furnishings proposals on final items.

Our online collaboration tool provides a way for us to gather inspiration, sources, and selections.  Etch shares their vision and ideas, and the client is able to quickly and efficiently provide feedback to finalize the design.  In between meetings, the client is notified of comments made to the concept board so that communication continues throughout the entire process.

3D computer-generated models are available upon request, and are an additional cost outside of our typical scope of work.  3D models can bring a project to life, and this is even an option for only one space in lieu of modeling the entire scope of work.


Furnishings proposals are presented to clients for final approval.  Full payment and a signed proposal are required before ordering product.  Once approved, all items are non-returnable.  Payment may be paid by check payable to Etch Design Group or by submitting an ACH bank transfer using our electronic payment portal.  These proposals will be in addition to monthly itemized invoices for design time.

Furnishings proposals include White Glove storage and delivery, shipping, installation, labor, and sales tax.  White Glove will receive, inspect, and store items until installation day.  If there's a large gap between in-stock items and long lead-time items, we can have multiple installation days.

Etch will coordinate purchasing and receiving of items, quality inspection, and coordination of storage and/or deliveries, as needed.

Timeline varies depending on the pieces being procured but generally, install dates run 12-16 weeks after purchase.  Etch will be on-site for installation day to direct placement of each piece. This is the most exciting part of the process as you get to experience the "final reveal!“  If there's a large gap between in-stock items and long lead-time items, we can have multiple installation days.


Why White Glove Storage and Delivery?

The client receives the best service and experience when using White Glove.  They inspect each item thoroughly and notify Etch with photos of each piece.  Etch then handles any claims that need to be made if an item arrives damaged.  White Glove stores all items until installation day where they then meet the designer on-site to place each item.  This service removes all stress from the client, specifically not having to arrange at-home deliveries and being held liable to inspect each piece and ship items back that are damaged, just to name a few.


The first step for selecting art is determining locations and outlining an estimated budget for client approval.   Then comes reviewing art images with the client to see what style of art the client is drawn towards before presenting design schematic of art pieces.

Commissioned and ready-made options are presented based on client feedback.  Commissioned art creates a one-of-a-kind piece and experience for the client, as the team meets with the artist to detail content, color, and size.  Ready-made pieces come in a variety of options, from mass-produced to more unique pieces provided by art consultants visiting the house with pieces to see in each space for approval.

Etch will coordinate with art supplier for delivery and installation, as well as assist in decisions for art placement.  We also determine locations for each client’s existing art; many clients come to us with art collections that are beautiful and have personal meaning, and we aid with placing in the house and reframe these to fit the new design aesthetic.

Note: Art is oftentimes one of the most important and neglected parts of designing a space, which is why we recommend including a budget for this at the onset of our furnishings process.



Accessories are truly the finishing touch!  They may include pillows, throw blankets, florals and plants, decorative accessories, small sculptures, and styling of bookcases.

Method #1: Strategic – Etch will make a floor plan showing the location of each accessory needed and determine approximate size for each, which would then be followed by an in-person meeting to present accessory options prior to installation at the site.

Method #2: Locally Sourced - Etch will determine scope of where accessories are needed and visit local shops to select accessories.  These are purchased then and there and brought out and installed at the site for client approval.