Furnishings Design Process



During this phase, the client's needs and objectives are identified. Questions regarding the specific function(s) of each space and the desired aesthetic will be discussed.

Etch will need a floor plan in AutoCAD format to work with. If there aren't existing floor plans already in this format, then Etch will bring in a 3rd party to come to the house, measure, and convert the details to an AutoCAD plan.

Our initial meeting after the contract is signed is the most important throughout the process, as we review inspiration images provided by the client and discuss functional and aesthetic details that should be incorporated into the design. If a client does not provide inspiration images, the Etch team will provide a custom presentation with relevant inspiration to review at the first meeting.



Preliminary furniture space plan layouts are now developing. Typically, the Etch team narrows the furniture plan options to 2 or 3 layouts and creates a line-item budget to review at the next client meeting. The design team may show design concepts that the client has not considered previously; this is when the magic happens!

Feedback is crucial for the design team to move forward in the process. After collaboration and feedback, the client must provide approval for the line-item budget and furnishings space plan before the next step in the design process. Next, the initial furnishings design concept and selections will be presented to the client. These meetings are typically held at the Etch Design Group office, but local showroom shopping with the client may also take place during this phase.

3D computer-generated models are available upon request.  3D models can bring a project to life, and this is even an option for only one space in lieu of modeling the entire scope of work.



Our third phase kicks off with a refined design presentation. The client will see additional concept boards and individual furniture options, along with samples of fabrics, wallpaper, and rugs. Additional meetings will encompass design revisions based on client feedback. Art and accessories are part of our turn-key offerings, and at this stage we provide you with a Scope of Services to assist you in that area as well.

Our online collaboration tool provides a way for Etch to gather inspiration, sources, and selections.  Etch shares their vision and ideas, and the client is able to quickly and efficiently provide feedback to finalize the design.  In between meetings, the client is notified of comments made to the concept board so that communication continues throughout the entire process.



Furnishings proposals are presented to clients for final approval. Full payment and a signed proposal are required before ordering product. Once approved, all items are non-returnable.

Etch will coordinate purchasing and receiving of items, quality inspection, and coordination of storage and/or deliveries, as needed.

Timeline varies depending on the pieces being procured, and Etch will be on-site for installation day to direct placement of each piece. This is the most exciting part of the process as you get to experience the "final reveal!“  If there's a large gap between in-stock items and long lead-time items, we can have multiple installation days.



White Glove stores all items until installation day where they then meet the designer on-site to place each item. This service removes all stress from the client, specifically not having to arrange at-home deliveries and being held liable to inspect each piece and ship items back that are damaged or incorrect.

The design team will coordinate installation dates with the client, White Glove, and the installers for window treatments, wallpaper, and art. The Etch team collaborates with the client for new and existing art placement, along with accessories to complete each space. Curated accessories may include pillows, throw blankets, florals and plants, decorative accessories, small sculptures, and books. The client can sit back and relax. After all, we believe that great design brings comfort, togetherness, and completeness, and we want every client to experience that!