Furniture Trends in 2021

Furniture Trends in 2021

Contributed by Beni Restea

Real Estate Agent

People have high hopes for the real estate market in 2021. Even though the housing market of 2020 has seen a lot of ups and downs, many are optimistic that this year the revitalization in the industry will open new opportunities for home buyers, sellers, investors, and real estate agents. As with any market, we can only give predictions and hope that a housing market crash will not come our way in 2021.

Despite how things unfold, one thing is sure: interior-design trends are continuously changing. Home decor evolves, and people want to keep up with the latest trends and remodel their homes accordingly. From last year, popular home design might no longer be viable for 2021, and some outdated trends might come back in people’s homes this year.

Furniture is playing a significant role in home decor, and everyone’s tastes are different. Nonetheless, with the changing landscape of interior-design, furniture trends change along with it. With the new home decor demands from homebuyers and interior design standards for homeowners, we can expect to find some of these home furniture trends in 2021.


More Focus on Comfort and Tradition

A popular trend in the ’90s focused on the old-school design that emanated a Pottery Barn vibe. It is believed that this trend will make its way back in 2021, and because people are spending more time indoors, there will be a desire for comfort. When looking at a formal living room, you would typically look for ways to make it feel more inviting and create functional space.

Many would be looking on the market for overstuffed furniture, traditional styles, and softer curves with these things in mind. For rooms that are effortless but pulled together, you want to make it feel like a welcoming retreat; this can translate into soft lines, plush materials, and forgiving frames. Classic blue and white color themes can add to the room’s traditional vibe, and the addition of a coffee table can be a simple but efficient way to add another element of comfort.

Embracing Bold Wall Colors

Many people were advocates for the neutral wall tones in the past few years. However, things are about to change as we see an interior-design trend that welcomes bold wall colors into the home. Adding a bit more flair and personality inside the house is what many people will look for over the next few years. Even if you opt for traditional home-style decor, you can still add in some bold wall colors that match your furniture choices, such as burnt orange, burgundy, or deep purple.

Take into account that the color scheme with saturated hues feels incomplete without one or two complementary hues. You can use the 60/30/10 rule to make a bold statement but without being overpowering. Cover 60% of the room with the most neutral shade, then 30% of the room with a slightly more daring shade. Now you can add furniture elements to cover the rest of the room with the most eye-catching shade.

Also, think about jewel tones or navy blue walls, which are almost like a neutral backdrop, and it can be paired with nearly any other color. Consider simple furniture that can bring the right amount of contrast to your room. If you find frames at a thrift store, you could easily paint them at a low-cost just to pair the elements up with the right shades. Vintage pieces of furniture are also great since they can also be painted with bold colors for an instant refresh.

The Rising Grandmillennial Trend

Homey design elements that you might’ve seen in your grandparents’ homes are slowly making their way into modern homes. This trend is considered the antidote to mid-century modern interior design and minimalism. Also known as the granny-chic, this style doesn’t just bring memories of formal rooms from your childhood. The trend is an updated take on traditional style that adopts an old-school design, and it puts a modern spin on it.

This style relies a lot on patterns with classic prints like chintz, toile, and plaid that you might find on curtains, wall coverings, and upholstery. For furniture, the grandmillennial trend is leaning towards dark stained woods like cherry and walnut, while abstract art and metallic accents bring that modern twist inside the home. Choose bold patterns for your fabrics and have a tight color palette to make them look cozy and layered.

Natural Elements, Geometry, Round Shapes, and Metal for Furnishing

In addition to the color palette and patterns for furniture in 2021, there is an increased demand for natural elements, geometric patterns, round shapes, and metal structures. Famous designers claim that the main trends will revolve around these elements, and many are faced with the challenge of sustainably refurnishing homes.

With more people spending time indoors, the need to bring the outdoors inside is achieved by adding some natural elements. Designers try their best to create complex and sophisticated combinations of different textures. Take, for example, furniture that can be wood interspersed with marble, concrete, metal, or quartzite.

Pieces with soft round shapes are another trend that is gaining popularity, and more people add furnishing elements that return the fashion of the 70s’. Details like this add comfort and elegance to a home, and it is precisely what people want and designers are aiming for.

Furniture with metal structure from backend bronze, gold, and brass is another unexpected but stylish furniture trend in 2021. These colors were frequently used as individual elements, and soon these unusual metal applications were integrated to fit furniture pieces, art objects, or modern compositions.


With the coming of a new year, preferences for interior-design shifts and different furniture trends emerge or are being brought back from the past. If you are looking for a new home in the housing market, our advice is to find a real estate agent as soon as possible. Laying out all the home decor details can be tricky if you don’t know what to look for. Fortunately, we have laid out all the details of your next home purchase, so you are well informed about the most trending home furnishings ideas of 2021.

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