Guest Room Ideas and Decor

Guest Room Ideas and Decor

Guest Room Ideas and Decor

One of the greatest joys is welcoming your loved ones into your home. And, if you are someone who loves to host guests, creating the perfect space ensures a memorable stay.

When designing your guest bedrooms, one of the key points to consider is who exactly your guests are. What do they enjoy? What would they consider memorable? Are you considering renting your guest room? Make sure to pick the design solution that works for the majority of your expected guests. Typically, guests enjoy uncluttered and comfortable spaces, but also think about adding personal touches! Be intentional in your design!

Here are some ideas on how to decorate the guest rooms within your home to create an unforgettable experience for visitors.

Create a Restful Space
One of the most important elements of a well-decorated guest room is that it allows your guests to get a great night of sleep. Make sure that the wall color, finishes and furniture that you chose are cozy enough to make guests feel comfortable and at ease in the space. Blue and green are most useful in creating peaceful, serene settings.

Keep it Clutter-Free
Before your guests arrive, clear the clutter! Make the spaces feel welcoming by providing space for their personal belongings. Keep in mind to have the right quantity and scale of furniture without overpowering the space and also leave room to add some fun accessories around the room.

Pick a Theme
The best way to decorate a guest room is to decide on your décor scheme or theme and stick with it throughout the space. Keep towels and blankets in the same color palette and add accessories around the room that fit within the theme. This can make the whole process much easier to see through and it creates a memorable space!

Symmetry Always Works
When it comes to adding two beds to your guest room, keep it symmetrical. Keeping the room symmetrical is an easy way to reduce visual clutter and keep the space streamlined.

Make it Cozy
Adding some pillows and throws instantly creates a warm and cozy welcoming space. When it comes to decorating your guest room, use your hands as much as your eyes because while aesthetics is important, textiles can make all the difference. Choose different textures for blankets and rugs to add variety.

Add Personal Touches
Thoughtful elements such as a vase of flowers or mints on the desk can add to the wow factor of the room. When stocking your guest room nightstands, add toiletries your guests may have forgotten. Items such as a toothpaste, body wash and individual packets of Tylenol could make them feel very much at home. Adding a note of gratitude for their stay is also a very heart-warming touch!