How to create a country feel in a small city apartment

How to create a country feel in a small city apartment


Feeling a little cooped up in your city apartment? Maybe you dream of long weekends in the countryside, or you just want to add some country charm to your home - well this is for you! Urban living is a different way of life than the slow, often peaceful, rural way of living. But with today's resources, you no longer need to pick one or the other! Now, the country look isn’t just a style reserved for those living out in the countryside: it’s a popular interior trend that works beautifully for most styles of homes. Have your cake and eat it too while we share our top ways to create a true country-inspired haven deep in the heart of the concrete jungle.

The key to truly creating a country feel is to have a balance between the ‘old’ and the ‘new’. Bring old-fashioned comfort into the modern world through its heritage and rich charm, and learn how to create a cozy feeling that celebrates the good life outdoors, without the tacky frills and lace doilies.

Have the kitchen as the heart of your home

The kitchen is the true heart of the home and a place for the entire family to gather over food, which is at the center of this interior style. A modern country-style kitchen needs to create a functional space, even in smaller apartment kitchens. Instead of using decorative items, make sure that everything you have has a purpose.

Open shelving (where possible), hanging pots, pans, and utensil displays are a good alternative way to bring personality into your design, whilst still being useful. No matter the size of your kitchen, the appliances you choose to have, the colors you opt for, and the design, you can create elements of a rustic cottage kitchen. Choose terracotta mixing bowls, wooden chopping boards, and tall glass jars to store your essentials, and check out your local antique stores for inspiration. Choose items that stand the test of time and reduce plastic as much as possible.  You want your kitchen to be a place you enjoy being in.

Have fun with your upholstery 

Sometimes all a room needs to feel cozy, warm, and homely is a throw over the sofa and some warm-colored cushions. A great country style combines the best aspects of vintage and rustic interior designs, with warmth, personality, character, and a little hint of minimalism (especially in small apartments). From color and texture to furniture and pattern, every part counts.

A country home wouldn’t be complete without a floristry pattern somewhere! A modern country home should feature some playful patterns to bring a fresh and spring-like feeling into the space. If you like a floral pattern, then find an interesting and new way to use it.

The perfect place to do this? The bedroom! Create a flowery, fresh feel with bed linen that screams “English country cottage”, pair with fresh flowers depending on the season, and a cozy rug and woolen blankets, and you’re good to go! When done right, adding flowers to your design helps to bring the feeling of life to a room. Consider dried flowers, wicker baskets, and hand-crafted wooden bedside tables - there’s a lot to play with!

If your home is on the smaller side, or you are restricted with what design you can create remember that adding layers of different textures brings depth, warmth, and coziness to a more neutral color scheme, which is key to creating an inviting home. Softer textures such as linen, wool, and sheepskin add visual interest, while blankets, throws, and rugs add depth, as well as comfort and color.

Lighting will change everything 

People are spending more time than ever at home, but getting your lighting right is one of the easiest ways to help you fall back in love with your space. By carefully choosing lights you can create a feeling of comfort and warmth.

Great lighting can transform an entire room! Consider creating separate light sources so that you can create ‘zones’. This helps divide a space, however big or small. Who actually turns on the big overhead light these days? Certainly not us when we want to snuggle up at the end of the day. Adding a floor lamp, or table lamp to a corner of a room is a great way to make use of your space and warm it up.

Little lighting tip! The warmer the lightbulb, the cozier a room will feel. Switch out any white lights, such as “day white’ and ‘cool white’ for warmer tones, and even consider installing a dimmer switch to allow you to set your mood!

Always consider how much natural light you have available too. Your artificial lighting is there to enhance the natural light available and to create a certain feel in the evenings. If you have too many lamps and items in a room, it may look a little cluttered during the day.

Small changes can go a long way!

The modern-day country look is easily created, even the smallest of changes can go a long way! No matter your budget, this design style gets to be exciting and one to truly enjoy for years to come.

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