How to Decorate a Small Living Room

How to Decorate a Small Living Room


Thinking about the term ‘living room’, it can have multiple interpretations. This is a space where we  lounge, watch tv, read a book, play with kids, hang out with family and friends, or maybe even take a nap. The versatility of the room allows for very different functions to co-exist which can be a challenge to organize.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you need a bigger space – bigger isn’t always better. Small spaces have an intimate essence that can be feeling warm, cozy and inviting. They also force you to edit down your possessions to the ones that you really love and use which can be liberating. Just like how it feels after clearing out that over-flowing closet!

A small living room can be just as well-designed, cozy, and comfortable as large ones.

It just takes some smart thinking, planning and creativity to make it work.

Here are 6 tips and tricks to help your small space live large!

Lighten Up

If you have a living room with large windows, let the natural light fill the space. This will make the space feel airy and open. Even if the window is small, don’t block out the sunlight with dark out curtains. Make sure to use light colors within the room such as semi-sheer fabrics for curtains.

Think Multi-Purpose

When space is lacking, one of the best ways to make it work is to think creatively and multi-purpose. Choose pieces that can play more than one role. A serving cart can also be used as a side table, bookshelf or of course, as a serving unit as well.

Float your Furniture

We tend to push our furniture against the walls and that doesn’t necessarily mean it works! Resist the urge to do that. By creating space behind the furniture, the space looks wider than it is.

Play with Scales

A smaller living room doesn't mean you can’t play with the scales of your furniture. You can even use a chaise sectional in the room. Don’t be afraid to make big statements – a curated and dramatic design moment always catches the eye, such as a chandelier or a bold upholstered arm-chair.

Think Vertically

With floor space being limited, start to think of design vertically. Keeping things off the floor visually lightens up the space and reduces visual clutter. This could be done by using floating shelves, pegs, layer hooks, wall units or wall lighting fixtures instead of floor standing ones.

Be Flexible

Small side tables can be combined to serve as nesting coffee tables. Ottomans can be utilized as a center piece, seating space or for storage. Be flexible with your choices of furniture for its functionality. And never miss an opportunity to add more storage!

Contributed by Hannah Susan of Etch Design Group, LLC