How to Maintain a Stylish and Chic Home with Kids

How to Maintain a Stylish and Chic Home with Kids

Contributed by Dakota Hendrix


Many people would say that you can’t have kids and a beautiful home simultaneously. Daily wear and tear, stains, and scratches become the reality of almost every home with kids. That’s why many parents fear getting nice things for their homes. However, that doesn’t need to be entirely true. It’s a fact that your life and your home change a lot once the kids arrive. But this doesn’t mean you should completely give up on your personal style and lose the sense of beautiful décor and tidy home. Finding a perfect balance between creating a kid-friendly living space and a stylish home is possible. Here are the best tips on how to create and maintain a stylish and chic home with kids.

Style furniture with no sharp edges 

Instead of going for ugly edge-protectors, purchase furniture with no sharp edges. Round coffee tables or upholstered ottomans are an excellent solution for a home with kids. They can run and play around, and you don’t need to worry about injuries. However, if you have some risky pieces, choose invisible edge-protectors that will not affect the style of your home.

Deal with mess wisely 

Don’t try to win here – toys and mess will be part of your home for a while. However, there are ways to partially solve this problem. Use decorative or invisible storage options for kids’ items in your living roomDecorative baskets, hidden cabinets, and built-in storage on your coffee table – find a seamless way to hide the toys when kids are not playing. Also, this is a great moment to start teaching them some great habits. Your kids can learn that they should tidy up after they’re done playing, but also that every item in your home has its place. This is a key to keeping a stylish and chic home organized.

Choose fabrics carefully 

The way a certain piece of furniture looks depends on its design, but also the fabrics on it. Certain fabrics can have amazing colors, but the texture can look cheap and be difficult to clean. When it comes to a stylish and chic home with kids, pick fabrics that look luxurious and expensive, but at the same time, choose fabrics that are easy to clean. Do research on durable and stain-resistant fabrics that will protect your furniture from toy scratches and dirty little hands.

Remember: Pick furniture and fabrics before you move into a new home. It’s easier to plan a design and get appropriate pieces if you’re starting from scratch rather than changing the furniture you already purchased. When decorating a luxury apartment after the move, it’s better to be safe than sorry, so pick kid-friendly pieces before it’s too late.

Blend it up to maintain a stylish and chic home

When you take a look at most of the kids’ toys, you’ll notice that those color schemes don’t belong to almost any décor style. And the chances are that those toys will stick out in your beautifully decorated home. Well, there’s a way to partially solve this issue. Certain toys come in more ‘elegant’ colors that can easily match the design of your living room. You can find a play kitchen or an art station set that can be easily incorporated into your living space. Also, you can do a fun DIY project and even paint some toys or toy baskets or boxes.

Embrace art, but do it in a smart way

Many parents avoid art pieces fearing the kids might damage them. However, if children are surrounded by art from an early age, they will learn to appreciate it over time. Growing up in such an environment will support their imagination, help them be more creative, and give inspiration so they can create art, too. Besides paintings, don’t forget to hang your kids’ artwork. Hang a pinboard where they can display their creations and see that you’re proud of their work. A supportive environment like this will help with the children’s creativity, skills development, and emotional growth.

Remember: use a clear museum gel to protect valuables and breakables. This simple hack will protect fine art from damage and make it easier to have a stylish and chic home with kids.

Prepare the walls 

Walls are a very tempting place to leave fingerprints or draw a miniature artwork. That’s why parents avoid light colors on their walls. However, light and neutral colors are the best for creating a stylish and chic home – and you can have that even though you have kids. Go for white or eggshell color, but choose washable paint. Also, unified walls make it easier to make corrections or repairs if necessary. Finally, make sure you get a magic eraser and cleaner for the type of paint you’ll be using for your walls. It’s better to be prepared for unexpected stains and act immediately. For low-maintenance wall options, consider incorporating synthetic grass wallpaper or durable vinyl wall coverings that are easy to clean and maintain.

Incorporate some useful habits 

Keeping a tidy and beautiful home is about organization and regular maintenance. Certain habits will ensure you’ve got a stylish and chic home with kids, so start practicing them today:

  • Set the rules – If you don’t want drawings on the walls, be clear about it. Set the rules and make clear limits of items your kid can play with. It can be challenging at first, but they’ll know how to play without making a mess all around the house after a while
  • Always have an emergency spot cleaner at hand – When it comes to stains and kids, the key is to act fact
  • Let everyone do their share of work – Kids should have some responsibilities from a young age. This doesn’t need to be something difficult or time-consuming, but everyone should have a chore they’re responsible for. Teamwork always wins and ensures a tidy and clean home at all times
  • Clean high-traffic areas regularly – Clean items you use all the time on a daily basis. Also, get your rugs,carpets, and upholstery professionally cleaned once or twice per year for better results


Your home can still look stylish and chic!

It’s not difficult to maintain a stylish and chic home even if you have kids. Surely, there are slight alterations, but you can still enjoy your living space and create an excellent place for your young ones to grow up happily.