Interior Design Tips for Fix & Flips

Interior Design Tips for Fix & Flips

Want to know our tips for residential remodel clients?

Move Out
For those who are living in the home you’re fixing up, consider not living there if possible. Living in a renovation creates stress, anxiety and really strains relationships. Having a breather is a big blessing.

Communicate With Your Team
Collaborating with your team helps make the interior design of your fix and flip. Getting on the same page with the interior designer, architect, builder and the client will help the interior design efforts, to create a cohesive and well-thought-out design.

Consider Smart Technology
Smart technology isn’t going away anytime soon. From lighting and appliances to plumbing fixtures that integrate smart technology (like the touch faucet and digital controls for shower systems), they have gone from trendy to must-haves in the interior design process.

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