Interior Design Tips to Re-Design your Master Bedroom

Interior Design Tips to Re-Design your Master Bedroom

A master bedroom should be your private, personal getaway. Your home within your home. A serene sanctuary that expresses who you are.If you’re looking to transform your space, here are our top tips for creating change that will last.

Focus on Subtle Colors 

Opt for serene shades, that help to create a soothing and tranquil energy in a room, instead of bold primary colors. Think gentle blues, lavender, or soft greens. These colors are considered calm on the color scale. For a warmer feel choose rich jewel-toned shades such as topaz, toasty browns, or toned-down versions of your favorite colors.

Don’t forget about the ceiling too! When lying in bed what do you wish to see and feel? Add a very subtle pattern or a color. Painting the ceiling a lighter version of a wall color gives the illusion of a lower ceiling, helping to create a sense of intimacy and coziness.

Choose the Right Size Furniture 

Before making any commitments ensure you have a floor plan or a measured drawing of your space. Cluttered rooms full ofbulky items of furniture can ruin the feel of a room and can look messy. Your chosen furniture should fit nicely into your space so consider what pieces you want.
Even with large rooms, choose furniture that fits. You can add in a chair or ottoman or even place items at the end of the bed. Note that small pieces will look lost in large rooms whilst large pieces will crowd smaller spaces.

Consider your Storage Options 

Store items out of sight to create more of a clean and clear space. Physical clutter can add to our inner mental clutter so you want a room to bring feelings of calm upon entry.

  • Look for storage benches or trunks that sit nicely at the end of the bed
  • Choose a bedside table with draws or nooks to place your personal items in
  • Consider a headboard with easy-reach access panels or shelves to place your books
  • Look for beds with either built-in storage or room to place shallow boxes underneath and hide them with a beautiful bed skirt

Dress Your Windows 

A stylish and beautifully dressed window will help to add color and texture to a room whilst framing the window itself. Curtains can helpcreate a comfortable, cozy style while soft sheer curtains can create a sense of luxury and privacy. Don’t forget to add in some roller blinds to block that morning sunshine.

Create a Reading Nook 

Give yourself the gift ofquiet and tranquillity by creating a dedicated space for reading and lounging. If you have the space you can even consider a window seat to enjoy the natural light.

Consider a lounge chair with a footstool or a comfortable chair in a cozy corner. Create a personal space that feels soothing and calming for you to retreat to.

Illuminate your Bedroom 

Lighting in a room isn't just for illumination. It can alter the mood of a room creating a sense of ambiance, comfort, and relaxation. 

Use warmer toned light bulbs to help block out harsh blue light and consider the use of smaller lamps placed around the room to really crate an inviting space.

Consider taking advantage of natural light too. The bedroom will feel nourishing being in a place that receives natural light in the mornings and throughout the day. Sunlight will make the room feel healthy, fresh and bright.

Add an Accent Wall or Gallery 

Make your master bedroom really stand out with an accent wall or choosing artwork that shares your personality. Big blank walls can make a room feel empty and lifeless so ensure that you add something unique.

Play with wallpapers, murals, or even some framed photos. This is an opportunity to let your creative spirit shine. You can even consider decorating the headboard of your bed.

Experiment with textures and patterns on the walls to find a style that helps create your perfect look and feel.

Your master bedroom is your space to rest, relax and retreat.

Your master bedroom is your space to rest, relax and retreat. So, give yourself full permission to be picky and selective about the design so that you can rest easy knowing you have your perfect personal and private space.


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