Interior Design Trends Borrowed From Around The World

Interior Design Trends Borrowed From Around The World

Decorating our homes is a very personal, unique outlet for creative expression and there isn’t one universal style to follow. Instead, there is a wide array of interior design styles spanning across continents like Africa, Europe, Asia, and America. As global citizens, we have a unique opportunity to learn about what other cultures eat, what they wear, and of course, how they choose to decorate their homes! Just like fashion or food, interior design trends vary greatly depending on the location.

If you are curious about what is trending in other countries, or you’re seeking some fresh inspiration, then look no further. Trends not only range from country to country but sometimes even city to city! Freshen up the decor in your home and create your own individual style by taking a look at these interior design trends and styles from around the globe.

Oriental Designs

Whites and Off Whites for a soothing home sanctuary 

The need for sensitivity during the pandemic is seeing a rise in soothing color palettes that are soft, dreamy, and relaxing. The white and off-white color palette is a look that stands the test of time, and the location! It’s a trend seen globally, but specifically in countries such as China and Southeast Asia! This design trend is a winner for minimalists and those seeking to create a home space that feels spacious and simple.

Traditional Chinese Design 

Whilst it's pretty difficult to pinpoint the exact style of a nation as rich, and with as long a history, like China, there are a few stylistic features that instantly come to mind when considering Chinese interior. Lacquered woods with hand-painted details, beautiful latticework furniture and screens, sleek dark surfaces, and color palettes full of warm neutrals with punchy and vivid tones of red (considered the luckiest color in Chinese culture). Asian design is closely linked to a zen-like, meditative atmosphere, and Chinese-style interior design will often build this sense of harmony by blending complementary influences from across the continent.

Chinese design is drawn from thousands of years of culture and decorating evolution. Here are some simple ways to get inspired:

European Trends

Whilst you cannot define one continent with as much versatility as Europe, by one or two design styles, there are a few trends that are catching our attention.


Old World Charm

The trademark feel of Old World design is a very comfortable, worn-in look that shows the wear and tear of use and enjoyment suggestive of European manor homes, estates and villas. Textured walls, hand-trawled windows and walls, and tumbled marble exemplify this style. Distressed, matte, and honed finishes are preferable to highly polished, reflective surfaces. Old world style is a hybrid design style encompassing designs dating back to the Medieval and Renaissance periods. The influences come from different time periods and regions, including Tudor, Spanish colonial, Tuscan, and French chateau.

Choose natural materials to create an old-world feeling in your home. Limestone, tumbled marble, or salvaged wood planks are perfect flooring options. When it comes to upholstery - tablecloths, bedding, and curtains are often seen to be accented with various decorative embellishments, including tassels, French gimp, bullion fringe, and braided trim.

This is a design style that has a clear visual to it, and one that exudes depth and richness.

Tuscan Style Decor

Homes decorated in this style are places that feel bright, remind us of summer evenings, rolling hills, and connect us to the countryside. In a Tuscan-style home, you can expect wood, stone, and the use of earth tones as important elements. Tuscan homes are sanctuaries of calm, tranquility, and warmth.

Color palettes are inspired by the earth itself. Brick, terracotta, ochre, golden yellows, and greens are common. Often blues and greens are used to add a cooling effect in the summer months. Ceilings have dark open timbers and Venetian plastering is often used to add texture to walls.

Latin American Design

South America is a very proud continent, with incredible decor, furniture, and architecture styles. Drawing inspiration from Latin America is perfect if you desire rich colors, vibrant upholstery, and energizing visuals.

Walls as art - don’t be afraid to be bold

Terracotta tones and wonderful deep-sea blues make beautiful statement walls. Think full-length painted murals, mosaics, mirrors, colored tiles, and courageous and bold color choices. Latin American design screams artistic expression. Colors such as red, blue, and yellow are commonly placed together in many styles. It may seem as though colors clash when you think about it, but using the right shades of each creates a warming, celebratory and inviting feel.

Create your personal vibe

One of the most important things when giving your home a “vibe” if you like, is the accessories you choose to put into it. A theme of bright, rich, and luxurious colors running throughout your home will instantly transport you into the dramatic and exciting scenery of Latin American life.

There’s no denying that interior design trends are heavily influenced by global design. Most homes now feature an amalgamation of multicultural influences. Global interior design has never been more accessible, with inspiration to be found everywhere. Transforming your home into your own personal paradise has never been more exciting.