Interior Designers Hacks to Support Your Morning Routine

Interior Designers Hacks to Support Your Morning Routine


Mornings can be the most disliked time of day for many! Maybe you are partial to hitting the snooze button a few too many times and you end up racing around trying to get your day started or maybe you just aren’t a morning person in general and you’d like to change that. It’s all too possible to wake up feeling ‘off’.

Whilst we know most of the tricks to improve how we feel in the morning - a good night's sleep, no caffeine before bed for example - creating an inspiring morning routine can be tied into our home's interior design. There are plenty of tweaks you can make to your home that will make your space feel more conducive for getting up, feeling better, and starting the day off on a better note. If you live with your spouse and kids, get them all involved as it’s for their benefit too.

Let all of the light in

Natural light in the mornings makes a huge difference to all parts of our well-being. Increased hours of sunlight in the mornings heighten the brain's production of the mood-enhancing chemical serotonin. Studies have discovered that the more sunlight we are exposed to, the more serotonin we produce.

Waking up to the sunrise, or the natural light of the morning really does give us a boost. Give your window space and your lighting options some attention. If you get up before the sun, try to mimic its light with sunshine-colored smart bulbs.

Declutter to improve your mood upon waking up

No one likes waking up to a chaotic overcrowded room. Take stock of your belongings and see what maybe needs to go. Alternatively, seek out storage options to create some order within your bedroom. Waking up to a clean, fresh space will do wonders for your mental well-being. If you feel stressed in the mornings, ensure your space is as stress-free and junk-free as possible.

Be mindful of color and how it makes you feel

Color has the power to influence not only the look of a room but also the feel. Your color choices can help to boost your mornings, whether you desire to feel more energized or more soft and peaceful. Good interior design will effectively capture your personal style and help to dictate the right mood for your living spaces. Consider your color choices not just in the bedroom, but in the bathroom and kitchen too - any room you find yourself in the mornings has the ability to change your mood.

Design with your personalized mourning routine in mind

Make a list of all the things your home needs in order to support your well-being. Whether it's organizing your closet so you can easily pick out your clothes for the day, or creating a bespoke coffee station that feels exciting to wake up to, take your time considering what you personally need each morning. Your morning routine can be very unique to you. Maybe you focus more on your bathroom to create more of a spa-like experience or create a beautiful seated area in your window. Consider what would support your ideal morning routine.

Create an alarm clock "nook"

Choose a space in your room that is away from your bed to place your alarm clock. This means hitting snooze no longer gets to be an option. Opt for the brightest spot in the room either near a window or mirror. Once you have chosen your space, make it ‘worth it’. This is where you get to pop your design hat on! Decorate your nook with art you love fresh flowers, or maybe some positive affirmations. You could even combine your alarm clock nook with your ‘getting ready for the day’ station.

Our top tip? Invest in a stylish analog clock so that you can fully switch off your phone overnight.

Bring the coffee shop to your home

If you’re one to make a coffee stop on your way to work, save yourself time (and money) by designing your very own coffee bar at home. Deck out your breakfast bar or even prep a tray with everything you need to start your day right.

Choose beautiful brass and glass drinks trollies and transform ‘happy hour’ into ‘breakfast bar’ by adding your favorite brewing essentials on the top section where you would typically place your spirits. On the bottom section, where the cocktail glasses usually reside, arrange all of your favorite mugs and breakfast snacks in glass jars to make preparing breakfast more mindful, soothing, and inspiring.

It's the spa life for me

Gone are the days when bathrooms are simply rooms we shower and brush our teeth in. Your bathroom deserves all the love and attention. How can bring more of a loving spa-life experience to your morning ablutions?

Here are some very easy and simple hacks:

 Sprinkle droplets of essential oils on the floor of your bathtub or shower before going to bed. The oils will stay put overnight and will react instantly to the hot water of your morning shower, filling your bathroom with indulgent scented steam. You can also hang some dried eucalyptus branches in your shower. The heat of the steam will react with the leaves, releasing healing and revitalizing essential oils. Plus it also looks very luxurious.

Let your interiors help your morning routine

Even the smallest of shifts can dramatically change the way you feel each morning. If you’re not quite sure where to start.