Luxury Redefined: High-End Renovation Materials


Luxury Redefined: High-End Renovation Materials

Luxury is one of the least measurable yet most desirable things you can add to a property. Not only will it add value and a return on your investment, but it will also make living there more pleasurable. 

Some countless styles and materials can get you close to luxury, but some truly stand above the rest. Consider these for each area of your home!



Our kitchens are the heart of the property. They need to be equal parts welcoming and functional to achieve this. Thankfully, there are many options for luxury buildings without overwhelming the simple comforts of this space. 

Draw the eye upwards to boost the room and make it feel larger. Modern crown moulding has been a must-have for creating the illusion of height and giving yourself a bigger canvas to work with. Natural wood and lighter colors have been popular, making the entire space feel cleaner.

You can also take your kitchen further by adding heated counters to warm plates, making cooking more comfortable. Don't be afraid to upgrade to a simple-touch or touchless faucet if you love to bake! The best part of luxury is it makes living in your home easier and more comfortable.


Home Office

Home offices have become an essential feature in upscale home renovations, reflecting the growing demand for flexible workspaces. With the increasing prevalence of remote work, homeowners are prioritizing the creation of functional and stylish home offices. From custom-built shelving units to elegant marble countertops, luxury materials are chosen to enhance both productivity and aesthetics. Premium finishes, including bespoke cabinetry and ergonomic furniture, elevate the workspace, ensuring comfort and efficiency. Investing in a well-appointed home office not only adds value to the property but also enhances the overall quality of life for its residents.


Outdoor Living Room

The average American craves more outdoor time than anything else. We want to enjoy nature and spend time in the open air, yet most want to do that from the comfort of our homes.

Thankfully, outdoor living rooms are the perfect way to add luxury to any property in 2024. Creating an extension of your home using similar wood stains, colors, textures, and styles makes your house feel endless and elegant.

The best material to use is permeable pavers that have been professionally placed. Forging the professional installation will affect how long they last and what weather and moisture they can deal with.

Portion your lawn into usable spaces, and remember that outdoor lighting is key to introducing luxury to your property.



Our bathrooms are an area of our homes that should feel comfortable and private. They should also be easy to clean and as safe and calming as possible. To achieve this, you can add stylistic details like muted calming colors, but you should also consider upgrading to add luxury.

Heated shower floors have been highly sought-after for years, but nowadays, our expectations are reaching new heights. We're looking beyond just warmth, considering features like anti-fogging mirrors, calming lighting, upgraded sinks, and attractive, anti-slip flooring. These additions can make a big difference in creating a more enjoyable and functional bathroom space.

You don't have to add a bar of wall-mounted Savon De Marseille, but you can make the experience of washing your hands far more interesting! Under-mounted sinks with a pigot-styled faucet have been popular, especially when you veer into dark colors. Remember to consider comfort and ease of use above all else.


Multifunctional Design Ideas

Every space needs utility, but you can still pursue luxury to achieve that! Instead, invest in ideas like an excellent home office and library combo. This room can give you the awesome presence of a classic study while taking it further and making it your own.

Nothing is as important as peace in home offices! To focus, you need to block out as many distractions as possible. This could mean adding acoustical wood panels that silence any outside noises or extra insulation around this room so it feels like it's in a different building altogether.  

Remember that multifunctional design goes beyond just the rooms, though! You can add this in detail, like a coffee table that's also stored or in-window blinds connected to a smart system that opens and closes them at sunrise and sunset every day.


Every Property Should Have Luxury

Whether you're reinventing your home for comfort or upgrading to sell for more, luxury should be part of the plan. Consider these materials and look to ETCH Interior Design for more inspiration.


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