Must-Haves for Your Dream Home

Must-Haves for Your Dream Home


You’ve dreamed of it, you’ve pictured it, and now it’s time! You get to design your dream home. But where do you start? Creating your perfect space is a personal journey, it can feel very freeing designing a home that is perfectly attuned to you. However, one person’s dream may be another person’s nightmare! While it’s important to ensure you add your own personal touch to your design, here are some must-have home improvements that we recommend.

Large Kitchen Counters and a Separate Pantry 

You can never have enough space in your kitchen. Whether you opt for a breakfast bar to serve food or you seek additional space to prepare meals, large kitchen spaces add real value to a home.

With the addition of a separate pantry, you’re bound to make a statement and create a kitchen many would die for. Being any cook’s dream, a pantry allows you to store and proudly display your dry foods without having to open any cupboards. Think cute glass jars, handmade labels, and colorful loose leaf teas all on display. A pantry can even double up as a makeshift wine or beer cellar for you to house your favorite elixirs. A pantry allows you to hide away unwanted clutter, store appliances and creates extra workspace.

Open Living Plan 

Your home’s interior is your own private sanctuary. Modern homes seek to utilize outdoor lighting with big wide open spaces and large windows. Think sleek and clear sightlines, and statement walls.

Large open spaces are perfect for families, enabling you to keep an eye on your kids and are even better for entertaining guests. Increase light opportunity in the darker months and create a communal space for everyone to enjoy.

Also, keep in mind that an open-plan living area can increase the value of your home when done well.

A Primary Suite 

Composing of a bedroom, bath, and walk-in closet, master suites are perfect self-contained parts of your home. After a long day’s work, come back to your own personal relaxing space, spa-like bathroom, and spacious closet. It’s truly music for the soul.And let’s face it, even the most social of butterflies need a quiet nest in which to relax, reflect, and recharge.

Ample floor space and luxurious materials are key here, whether it’s your king-size bedframe, curtains, or bedding. This is your place to be enjoyed.

Energy-Efficient Fixtures and Appliances

Your impact on the environment is vastly improved when you purchase major appliances that are water and energy-efficient. Save money and help the planet. It’s a win-win. We live in the age of technology and so ensuring that your appliances are eco-friendly has never been more important for homeowners.

A Mudroom

A secondary entrance and space to remove those muddy shoes and wet coats before entering your home is a great add-on. A mudroom provides storage space and ensures the interior of yourhome stays clean and tidy. It’s a transitional space and something many people do not think about.It is also the first thing you see when you walk through the door, so design is important. It needs to make a strong impression whilst being functional. Ways to hide the mess include using stylish curtains, eye-catching boxes or baskets as well as adding shelving units to the space to keep items off the floor.

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