Organize and Style Your Shelves

Organize and Style Your Shelves

Are you dreaming of well-organized stylish shelves?

Then lets get started!



First step is to Declutter

Before anything else, make sure to only keep what you really want to display. Too often, we end up with too many books and decorative objects that we don’t really need, and that only creates an overwhelming effect.

Once you have picked only the thing you really enjoy display them in front of you.

Organize Accessories by Size 

Before putting them on the shelf, organize all your pieces by size. Separate the big items from the small items and start placing the bigger and taller ones first at different spots on the shelf. Then mix in the smaller items.

Playing with the height of the objects and putting tall objects next to shorter ones will create an interesting visual effect.

Keep it Asymmetrical 

Group objects by odd numbers - by 3 or 5 for example. Don’t try to make all your shelves the same. You don’t need to reach perfect symmetry. On the opposite, an asymmetrical effect will be more visually appealing. To add some order, you can place similar objects on the same diagonal to ease the eyes and give them lines to look at.

Think of a Theme 

Think of a theme for your shelves and the story and feeling you want to share with it. This will help you to know which objects will best fit in there.

Add a Plant

Adding greenery to your shelves creates a lighter more breathable effect and will add some soothing colors. It’s a great way to fill in some empty space.


Have fun styling your shelves and turning them into an art piece! If you need additional advice, don’t hesitate to reach out!