Our guide to improving your property


Our guide to improving your property

If you are thinking of improving your property, then you are in luck, there are so many changes and considerations that you can have. You can improve your garden with new furniture or add an outdoor kitchen like one of these from Belgard. You could make changes to your kitchen and replace the countertops or add some new functionality to it. In your hallway, you can improve the flooring or repaint the walls, and in the living room, a fireplace or new plants can go a long way - it’s all down to the budget that you have set yourself. 

Whether you have a lot of money to spend or are trying to make some small changes to your home, below we have put together our guide on three ways to improve your property. 

Invest in plants and decorate your walls

An affordable change that you can make to your property that is easily done, is to invest in plants and consider decorating your walls. Plants are great for adding color to a room as well as a nice smell and filling empty spaces. They come in all shapes and sizes, meaning you can hang them, place them in awkward corners, or place them as a centerpiece. When it comes to your walls, mirrors are great for adding a new dynamic to a room and they help increase the brightness and make the room look bigger. If you are after some inspiration, Pinterest is a great place to look or pop over to your local garden center to see what plants they have on sale at the moment. Plants can also be used as part of a bedroom makeover.

Consider your furniture 

When was the last time you updated the furniture within your home? If it was a long time ago (which is very often the case as furniture isn’t often cheap), it may be time to implement some changes. A new sofa can really change the living room, whilst a console table is a good way to spruce up the hallway (these are great for presenting your candles, storing keys, and a room spray). In your dining room, a new table and chair set may be needed and in the bedroom, new nightstands. All of these things can cost, so don’t change them all at once, and ensure you do your research to get the best prices when you do switch furniture pieces up. 

Convert your loft 

This option is the most expensive within our guide but it can increase the value of your home, whilst also giving you a new room to play with. If you have a loft, converting it into a room can improve your property and in most cases, it completely transforms it. It will give you a new room where you can do whatever you like in it, you could use it as a guest room or have a second living room if you require it. If you have children who share rooms, this is an opportunity to give them their own bedroom, which they will be forever grateful for. 

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