Acton Academy St. George

Acton Academy was designed with young students in mind. Color and pattern are at the forefront right along with function and ergonomics. This is a school based in Montessori principles, which inspired details that allow students to complete tasks on their own rather than rely others. For example, the bathroom and kitchenette that serve the youngest students have sinks and fixtures that are much lower than standard, providing a height that eliminates the need for step stool and increases learning and confidence for those young students.

Murals were painted in each of the main spaces in the school with consistent colors to create cohesion throughout but also to bring life to each space. Natural elements, such as wood shelves and live plants, were instrumental in creating an uplifting and inspiring space for the learners.

Because Acton Academy focuses on creating a lifelong love of learning through fun game-based activities, we truly had fun with mixing patterns and colors and even adding some art like the sloth in the younger classroom's bathroom. This is a welcoming and inspiring school where students can flourish.

Photography: Risa West Photography