Spring Clean your Interior Design – 5 ways to Freshen up your Home

Spring Clean your Interior Design – 5 ways to Freshen up your Home


As the days begin to lengthen and winter transitions into spring, the optimism and hope of the new season is hard to ignore. And while spring cleaning tends to get the most attention, it's also a great time to revamp our home décor a little too. Nothing feels better than dusting off the cobwebs (sometimes literally) with a good old spring clean, but a change in design has the power to seriously improve your home, just in time for the warmer weather to begin.

A true spring clean is a powerful process not just for your home, but for your well-being too! Maybe this year you’re feeling like your home needs a little more than a clean? It’s time to look at your home with new eyes! Fresh up the design of your home with these simple, and effective interior design tips.

Change the color of your accent wall (or create one!)

Accent or statement walls are a brilliant way to add some fun to a room. An all-white room, or a room that is all one color, can begin to feel stagnant if it’s been the same for a long time. A simple design hack is to paint one wall a different color, or shade. Better yet, some new wallpaper is a great way to spice up your design! If you struggle with your room being too dark, you may want to lighten the colors of the room, if it’s too bright maybe you’re wanting to tone it down? Either way, a fresh coat of paint will make your room feel brand new! Remember to touch up the baseboards and trim as well!

Choose from bold geometric designs, bright floral prints, or even consider adding more artwork to a wall. This is a great way to really let your creative spirit soar!

Paint a piece of furniture 

Maybe you have a piece of wooden or wicker furniture that could use some color or even a new varnish?. If you want to spruce up an old pre-loved piece, use an oil-based semi-gloss paint and get stuck in!

You could paint your chairs, or the back surface of bookshelves, maybe even paint your photo frames. A hint of color has the power to totally transform a room.

Update your curtains

Many people don’t consider swapping out their curtains. While it’s important to wash your curtains from time to time, replacing them with more up-to-date samplings can make your room feel like new. Maybe it’s time to look into seasonal curtains? During thespring and summer months, your curtains can help keep the warm air out and the cool air in.

Greenery, florals, and life! 

Nothing screams “spring is coming” like fresh flowers and green plants! Investing in some indoor plants, and keeping fresh flowers in your home, can have a real impact on the energy and feel of your home. Plants are scientifically proven to be a positive tool to improve our wellbeing, especially after the darkness of winter. If you want to freshen up your home, plants will do this perfectly!

Maybe placing a small tree in the corner of a room? Or placing some succulents on your shelves. There are so many plants available and ways to place them, it’s a great opportunity to play with ideas!

Organize your entryway

Your entryway is the first part of your home people see, and first impressions last! Not only that, your entryway has also the power to change your mood and personal connection to your home after a long day at work.If you feel like yours is cluttered with keys, coats, bags, and other items why not look into purchasing some new storage or creating an organization system. A space-saving wall-mounted storage solution for collecting your mail, keys, sunglasses, and whatever else you drop immediately upon entering your home is a great place to start.
Other elements to consider include the color of your entryway, any artwork on the walls, mirrors, and floor mats. Knowing how you want to feel when you step into your home will help you decide how to decorate your entryway. Are you more of a minimalist? Doyou want space and brightness? Maybe you want warm, cozy, and inviting?

THe smallest design tweaks can change the look and feel of your home!

No matter your budget, time, or needs -even the smallest of design tweaks can change the look and feel of your home. Spring is a great time to get creative, try new ideas, and let your spirit shine!