The Essential Qualities of a Truly Impressive Interior Design

The Essential Qualities of a Truly Impressive Interior Design

Contributed by Lillian Connors

Smooth Decorator

Like art in general, interior design appeals to people in different ways. For most designers, but also for many design aficionados, the makings of great interior design lies in the ability to step outside the comfort zone and conventional boundaries of the use of paint, fabrics and textures. For others, it's all about simplicity, minimalism and modernity.

Whatever your preference may be, personality is the key to interior design and this is what will give it unique qualities. Here are several elements to incorporate so you can create a great interior design of your own.

The symmetrical design of living space has the power to draw the eye to its key features which could be a magnificent ceiling fixture or a wallpapered section of a wall. By putting carefully-chosen backdrops in the room, you will anchor the space and it will give you the freedom to create a focal point and direct the spectators’ attention to an unexpected design element such as an oversized piece of art over the fireplace.

When designing a guest bedroom, for instance, use soft tones and subtle shabby chic elements to create a welcoming vibe. A mellow peach-painted ceiling allows the attention to go to the focal wall which can be covered by a large wall-covering in the style of your preferred epoch, whether it’s art deco, mid-century or the 70s. If you choose to put twin beds, identical blue-green bedding will contrast perfectly against the slipcovered wingback chair and a sisal rug positioned diagonally will provide a visual connection of the space.

Small rooms often pose a design challenge as they can easily end up cramped, but if you approach them as little jewel boxes, possibilities are endless. It’s all about the thoughtfully-chosen details: wallpaper on a feature wall, brightly-colored lamps that draw attention, decorative plush pillows, a unique coverlet and wall-to-wall carpeting will add extra softness to the room and create the ultimate cozy feel.

One of the best ways to produce a great interior design is to add contrast to the room. Even if you opt for a contemporary sleek design, by adding contrasting items such as a quirky zebra rug or coffee table, or a pair of retro fur accent chairs, the room will instantly come to life. Add an oversized mirror casually resting against the wall to give the space more height and throw in pops of bright yellow or green around the room to make it bright and cheery.

According to the teachings of a current master's degree in interior design, creativity and innovation are key features of any great design and by allowing yourself to think outside the box, you’ll be able to create a unique design that will reflect your personality.

Contrast leads to boldness and you should try embracing that side of you. Don’t play it safe and there will be great chances for producing amazing results! For instance, in an all-white tile bathroom, paint the ceiling black and add brass faucets and shower curtain rail. Choose a bold color for the shower curtain and add a few modern touches with a freestanding bookcase that will contrast the more traditional elements.

A few glamorous pieces in a living room can completely transform the space and set it apart from the rest of your home. Consider installing a floor-to-ceiling bookcase with a metallic back to create a focal point. Add a large chandelier over the seating area and upholster your furniture pieces in different plush fabric. Such a collection of design elements may sound mismatched, but when finally put together, they’ll all sing the same tune.

Playfulness is a key element when designing kids’ spaces, especially their bathrooms. You don’t necessarily need to add color on the walls to make it fun and fabulous, just be creative with accessories. Choose items in green, orange, pink and yellow to create a whimsical look without ruining the classic finishes. Instead of one large boring mirror, put a few round mirrors and match them with carpet circles. This will bring harmony to the entire space.


Coordination is another trick to use to produce a great interior design. If you're not a fan of focal points but rather prefer more uniform spaces, consider balancing opposite parts of the room using different pieces. For instance, in a stylish man cave, put two accent seats on one side of the room and match them with overstuffed chairs on the other. Add complimentary textures in the form of an all-white painted brick wall, birch firewood and full-length draperies rather than creating additional focal points.

Consider the big picture

Impressive interior design looks great but also functions well. When designing your home, think about the practical aspect but then have fun with it! Your space needs to tell your story so be creative and bold and let your imagination run freely!