The Interior Design Rule That Will Help You Create Your Dream House

The Interior Design Rule That Will Help You Create Your Dream House

Today, we want to share with you a rule that we use in interior design that’s going to be really helpful to you if you want to change things up in your home and upgrade your interior without going under big construction.

This is the rule of three. It’s a simple, easily applicable rule yet very powerful and impactful.

If you feel like something is missing in your interior design, if it feels like it’s not quite just what it could be, if you’re ready for something new and fresh, then that’s exactly what you need!

What is the rule of three?

By arranging objects in three or in odd numbers, you are creating a well-balanced, exciting, and visually appealing design.

Why Three?

Odd numbers create interest and curiosity for our eyes and brain. We just seem to love it! It makes what we are looking at less boring and more interesting! Three seems to be the magic number here because it’s not too little nor too overwhelming, but depending on your space you might want to experiment with other odd numbers, too.

How to use the rule of three

To organize objects on a shelf, nightstand, or coffee table

Place 3 objects together. They can be similar objects or very different but try to keep them in a group of three.

PRO tip: mix & match the heights and sizes of the objects and see how it impacts the design.

To plan the layout of a room & place furniture

This doesn’t apply to only small objects. Give it a try with your bigger pieces of furniture and move them around the room to group them in an odd number. For example one couch and two chairs.

To pick colors

Yes, the rule of three also applies to your color palette. Pick one main color, then two sub-colors. The color of the wall can be the main one. Fabrics are a great way to introduce new textures and colors. Think of your window treatments, pillows, or rugs.

To hang artwork

Hanging artwork can create a great impression and dress your walls in a unique way. Here again, placing artwork using the rule of three will create a bigger impact.

To arrange plants

If you are a plant lover, think of arranging your plants by three. It helps create a visual story.

To place pendant lights

Three pendant light fixtures together will also create an interesting effect on your room. Give it a try!

Sometimes you already have everything to create a stunning interior, you just need help to reorganize it! Try the rule of three on one area of your house today and see how it looks and makes you feel! Reach out to us if you need any help!