The Most Popular Interior Design Color Palettes in 2022

The Most Popular Interior Design Color Palettes in 2022

Contributed by Dakota Hendrix

A new year is the best opportunity to give your home a well-deserved refresh. It is, however, dependent on how far you are ready to go with your renovation. If you want to follow the trends, you should know the most popular interior design color palettes in 2022. New color trends are inspired by nature, calmness, and warmth, with a hint of retro. At the same time, darker hues and neutrals are also trending. And, if you need a hand in choosing how to personalize your home using color, you came to the right article. Our research can help you choose the hues that best describe your personality. Therefore, here are some of our favorite color palettes that you can use to design your home this year.

Bald and Bright Yellow 

As you probably know, you can use color and light to enhance interior design. The brighter the color, the better it will reflect light and fill the room. As a result, if you want to follow the most popular interior design color palettes in 2022, go for yellow. You can use them by themselves, or you can make fun combinations. For instance, you can combine a bright yellow with a darker green. Or a buttery yellow with pale pink, red, or a soft blue. Also, you can use mustard yellow by itself and decorate the room in a minimalistic line. If you overcrowd the room, it might be too much for the eyes to bear. In the end, you can use vintage yellows to brighten up hallways or the kitchen and put them under the spotlight.


Classic White

downsize your home and need to adjust to smaller square footage, choose to paint the walls white. White is a hue that will never go out of style or class. In addition, it gives the room the impression of cleanness, and it is easy to combine. You can add dark furniture that will contrast with the walls or hang colorful art on your walls. You can mix and match as much as you want by just using your imagination. In addition, you can use white in literally any room of the house, and it will look just as good. Just remember that if you make your kitchen or your bathroom white, they need to be spotlessly clean. Otherwise, this showy color can emphasize each trace of dust or grime.

Calm Blues

When you hear the blues, you feel melancholy. And much like the music genre, the color blue may have quite the same impact. However, blue hues can be calming, soothing, and also refreshing. That is why blue is a fantastic color to choose when designing your main bedroom. You can choose softer blues, like powder blue, or lighter shades, like bright sky blue. Also, you can use stone blue to create a warm and inviting vintage look. Pair it with darker hues of blue, and you will give the room a coastal and refreshing feel. In addition, if you want to play with colors, you can put some spots of soft pink or yellow here and there to make the room more cheerful. Use throw blankets or pillows to decorate the bed or the bed bench, and you will have the perfect bedroom.

Charming Reds 

If you want a fun idea to decorate a sunroom, use hues of red. Red has the power to make a room feel warm, comfy, and relaxing. As a result, it is the perfect color to decorate a reading room or any relaxation room. In addition, if you combine red with the correct hues, you can get some great looks. For instance, combining bourbon red with soft woody tones will get you a charming rustic look. And, if you mix a jewel red with shiny golden elements, you will get a glamorous luxury look. Or, if you mix incarnadine red with velvet, dark greens, or blues, you will get the perfect match for an intimate bedroom feel.

It is no wonder that red has one of the most popular interior design color palettes in 2022 when it is so versatile.

Natural Greens

Nature-inspired hues can make us feel more connected to the outdoors. And with the past two years of isolation, we could use some more natural joy in our lives. At the same time, it can be hard to pick just one hue from the beautiful palette green has to offer. For instance, we can never decide which we like best between olive green and sage green. Olive can give a room a warm feel, while sage can make a room feel vibrant. Also, avocado green has a refreshing touch, and leaf green combines beautifully with natural wood elements.

It all comes down to how color makes you feel

These are the most popular interior design color palettes in 2022, but it all comes down to how each color makes you feel. So, if you see a hue that makes your heart skip a beat, it is clear that you are experiencing love at first sight. Therefore, that color should be the color of your choice.