Tips to make your bedroom feel more like a luxurious hotel room

Tips to make your bedroom feel more like a luxurious hotel room

How good would it feel to wake up in a luxurious-hotel-looking bedroom? You know that feeling when it seems like the world is spoiling you and everything is possible… 

We love that sensation when going to a hotel, so why not replicate it in our own bedroom? 

Here are our interior design tips to treat yourself with a bedroom that makes you feel like a fancy guest in your own home.

Separate your space in different little nooks

Have you ever noticed how hotel rooms have different little nooks for different activities? 

Start by dedicating a corner for a specific reading area. Yes, you can read on your bed but why would you when you have that marvelous comfortable and inviting chair or that super cute nook that is just calling you to sit on and enjoy that special moment?

Splurge on a fancy bedding set

Pick bed sheets that are soft and feel luxurious. Time to give away your old sheets with stains and holes or the ones that don’t match and get yourself a set that makes you want to go right in.

Pick your sheets in neutral colors and add a splash of colors using unique pillows or a bedcover. 


Make your bed every morning, arrange the pillows, and see how great it feels to walk in your bedroom at night with a bed that is made and ready for you. 


Layering the White & Faded Collection Linen pillows gives a luxurious and comfortable look to your bed.


Layers of blankets or old quilts give the suggestion that you can alter the bedding by adding extra layers in the colder months of the year. I love to pile similar coloured quilts on top of a wardrobe or dresser to add texture and a hint of color without being too overpowering. 


If you have a space for a daybed or a sofa in your bedroom, think of adding the same pillows as on the bed, this gives a peaceful and serene feeling to the space, something you want to achieve in the most comfortable place in your home.

Recycled Material

Permeable pavers made from recycled plastic are a sleek and discreet way to give your building a unique and eco-friendly look. Try creating your entire parking lot with permeable pavers or maybe just a driveway. 

The aggregates available to fill them like gravel and crushed limestone will look incredibly stylish and the permeability, as well as the production methods used to make these pavers, are more environmentally-friendly than anything else you’ll find on the market.

Add a unique rug

Choosing natural colors for the walls like white, off white or grey can help make the room feel more luxurious. To mix with the natural colors of the room, bring the highlight on a soft rug or go all-in with one made with natural fibers. That will also make you feel cozier. 

Make sure to keep the rug cleaned and in good shape.


Keep your space tidy 

Organize your books and magazine so you can keep your nightstand clutter-free. Don’t let cords hanging and tuck them away. A clean and organized room is very important to make it look more luxurious.

Go big

It’s time for you to have a new bed? Don’t be shy and take the size up and pick a very comfortable mattress. An oversized bed makes the whole room! And don’t you just love spreading yourself in that big bed at night?

Space for a bath 

Why not add the ultimate feeling of hotel luxury with a free standing bath in your bedroom.  What is more relaxing than taking a bath after a long day. 

Make sure you keep the shower away from your bedroom as you don’t want to have all the steam in this room.


Are you ready to level up your bedroom and make it look like a fancy hotel room? It’s time to wake up feeling your best self. Contact us today if you need guidance to make it a reality.