Tranquil Grey Bedroom Ideas

Tranquil Grey Bedroom Ideas


When it comes to design, grey is without a doubt the go-to neutral to choose for your bedroom. Grey, in all its shades, has been dominating the home decor scene in recent years with grey winning Pantone of the year last year. From softer, more delicate greys, to dramatic dark greys, or warmer red and yellow tones, grey is a timeless neutral that works as a great base for your bedroom design. Whether you want to go dark and moody, light and ethereal, patterned or plain, there is something to suit all styles.

With its versatile nature, it’s perfect to use in your bedroom. Grey can be incredibly comforting and soothing when used correctly.

We’ve brought together our top ideas for designing your most tranquil grey bedroom, from paint to furniture to accessories - there is something for everyone.

A coordinated, all-grey bedroom scheme can look and feel cozy and cocooning. This works by focusing on neutral palettes and then layering materials and textures on top to ensure the bedroom remains inviting.

Dark Grey

Darker shades of grey are perfect for creating a cozy and relaxing space to fall asleep. Just like with any interior design project, it’s important to decide on the style, mood and aesthetic you want to achieve before you start decorating.

First things first, decide how dark you want to go  With grey, there are so many shades you can explore to help achieve your desired look and feel. While shades on the lighter side of dark grey offer more space and light, darker tones bring a certain warmth and depth to a room. Are you seeking depth and coziness, or more fresh and open?

Another aspect to consider is your decor and accessories. Very dark grey bedroom walls work very well with a minimalistic style while lighter shades of dark grey call for more neutral pairings with plants and mirrors.

If you feel grey will dominate your bedroom or it feels like too much, consider just painting one wall, and opting for a softer and warmer shade of grey. You can then slowly add more grey to a room through your bedding and accessories.

Keep it in the frame 

If you want a grey bedroom scheme but don't feel drawn to the darker grey walls, why not paint the door and window frames in a darker shade of grey to add a backdrop to the furniture? The eye is drawn to darker tones and will be drawn to them as soon as you walk into the room.

Paint a faux headboard 

Creating a faux headboard with paint is a great idea to build up a tonal grey bedroom scheme. To recreate this simple idea, simply mark out where you want your bed to go and outline where you want to place the ‘headboard’. Use a darker grey for the headboard and a paler grey for the rest of the walls.

Design from the ground up 

Bring grey into your bedroom with carpet. A grey carpet is a perfect base to build upon, whether you are seeking more of a bold look, or something calm and serene. Grey carpet is very durable as it won’t show the dirt, not to mention carpeted bedrooms really add to the sense of coziness and create a real sanctuary.

Add grey to your paneling 

Paler shades of grey are a great choice for cupboards as it's calming and softer than stark white (plus it doesn’t show the dirt as much). You can paint your cupboard doors or even consider wallpapering the panels.

Scandi Grey 

Scandinavian bedrooms are all about maxing out the light. Introduce Scandi vibes into your bedroom by working with a neutral color palette. Greys and off-whites, alongside wood, will create a restful space. Opt for wooden bed frames and furniture, and a more minimalist design overall. Scandinavian bedrooms are also all about texture. Think crumpled linens, layers of blankets, and piles of pillows in differing shades of grey and off-white, this creates the perfect mix of textures that help to add dimension and warmth to the bedroom.

It doesnt have to be black or white!

Whether you’re seeking to totally re-design your bedroom or to make some small changes, choosing grey as your color scheme will help you create a calm environment that you can’t wait to come home to every evening.